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Athens Ramseyer Pioneers a new wave in marketing anchored on human behavior

Athens's principle is proven to be effective in unlocking what he calls the Buyology of Our Sciential Brain

Published: Sep 22, 2020 12:19:55 PM IST

Athens Ramseyer Pioneers a new wave in marketing anchored on human behavior
Athens Ramseyer is not the usual marketer. Unlike others in the industry, Athens disrupts the norms and confinements of traditional advertising. With his degrees in psychology from the University of Washington and deep machine learning from Stanford, the expert realized that digital psychology is the key to capturing target markets.

The nationally recognized marketer is the founder of Sciential, a neuromarketing agency on the rise and is distinct for their advertising tactics that are anchored on intensive brain and behavior research. The company believes that understanding the human mind better is the best way to market a product and earn the consumers' trust. Athens has managed more than 50 advertising accounts, amounting to over $6 million in advertising spending.

Athens's principle is proven to be effective in unlocking what he calls the Buyology of Our Sciential Brain, a factory that deals with people's subconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires that drive consumers to make a purchasing decision. With such a deep understanding, marketers can inject innovative solutions to products that will truly be "the differentiator" from its competition.

Sciential spends a significant amount of time incorporating neuroscience into their strategies. Among the reasons why it is a forward-thinking company is because Sciential is home to expert millennials who continuously bring fresh ideas into the table. The team of professionals does not only think outside the box but operates under the premise that there is no box. Led by Athens, Sciential's circle of experts pioneered a new movement in all areas of marketing.

In their campaigns, Sciential has a unique way of awakening a triggering factor that leaves consumers with an undeniable need for the product being advertised. The uncontrollable buying anticipation that people feel for some products is caused by the increase in dopamine activity in the brain, explained UCLA's Dr. Susan Bookheimer. Athens further said that whether consciously or not, people come to a culmination of lust that leads them to calculate how a particular purchase can enhance their social status and eventual success.

Athens Ramseyer Pioneers a new wave in marketing anchored on human behavior
“Entertainment is a hits-driven business because the brain reacts to stimulus by wanting more and more of it, ever hungry for continuous novelty. Building an enterprise on ephemeral desires is akin to running on an incessantly rolling treadmill: You have to keep up with the constantly changing demands of your users.

“In this quadrant, the sustainable business is not purely the agem, the song, or the book - profit comes from an effective distribution system for getting those goods to market while they’re still hot, and at the same time keeping the pipeline full of fresh releases to feed an eager audience,” Athens clearly lays out for us.

Industry leaders trust Sciential. Athens has partnered with some of the biggest names such as Ellen Degeneres, Jordan "The Wolf of Wall Street" Belfort, Airbnb, Dr. Garth Fisher (the Kardashians’ family aesthetics doctor,) Trade-In Tech (Inc. 500 fastest growing companies), John Thomas (political strategist for CNN and Fox News), Cameron Fous (130k+ YouTube subscribers,) NFL Running Back Ryan Mathews,, Gene Hammett (Inc. contributor,) and Blac Chyna's supplement company Organic Skin Lightener, to name a few.

Today's consumers do not merely listen to how something was said on marketing platforms. They have become more critical as to what was being said. Derived from his extensive knowledge of how human behavior works, Athens produces advertisements that touch human emotions.

With the massive shift to user-generated content, Athens has produced multiple videos in the same manner for his clients in the eCommerce space. These contents may vary from unboxing videos, genuine brand reviews, or reaction videos; such videos are dominating the digital space. "Since everything is plastered online now in a way where advertisers are just slapping keywords in your face Sciential orchestrates in a manner that pulls on the heart strings of its viewer," Athen said.

The bottom line is that Athens focuses his efforts on generating organic content for his clients with his powerful ring of influencers. Reliable data would testify that rational marketing no longer appeals as much as it used to compared to emotional marketing. As the expert said, there's no need to spend thousands in creating high-resolution, time-consuming, and budget draining videos. Focusing on content is what matters the most.


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