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Bhavik Sarkhedi: From writing personal diary to Digital Marketing expert

Bhavik Sarkhedi is an ace digital marketer and content writer considered one of the finest in the country

Published: Jan 29, 2021 04:50:09 PM IST
Updated: Jan 30, 2021 12:30:57 AM IST

Bhavik Sarkhedi: From writing personal diary to Digital Marketing expert
The digital marketing and content writing industry has grown immensely over the past few years. The trend seems on the rise and experts predict it will continue to grow. Businesses across the globe are trying to adjust to this ‘new normal’ post the pandemic. The need to engage customers outside the traditional sales channels is anticipated to be the key for businesses in 2021 and ahead. However, on the other end of the spectrum, the service providers are also finding it hard to cope with new technologies and tough competition.

There has never more emphasis on providing value than it is today. The digital marketing industry needs to revolutionize itself and adapt to the changed business environment. In the digital space, words and content will define businesses by being the first point of contact between a customer and the company.

While many have failed to gauze the changing trends and prepare for it, one writer and digital marketer has been preparing himself since he was a 9-years-old kid writing a diary.

This writer wrote more than a high school boy writes his homework. A collection of 12 personal diaries, yes 365 pages each, made him 'Word-Maniac' and ‘Content King’ since he was 9. Who knew the personal diary writer will one day become an author of 4 published books: The Weak Point Dealer, Will You Walk A Mile, The C to T of Content Marketing and The Unproposed Guy. He says he still regrets he couldn’t complete his 12th diary as he completed his college in 2014 and those diaries are his gems.

People write it because they like it and hence write it; he was not that guy. Being an Elocution and Extempore champion in younger days, Bhavik has always been exceptional with alphabets, vocabs and words, be it any mode to express it. A dreamer, raconteur and amateur rapper, he began writing blogs for his own satisfaction and hobby, he started to get paid, though a little but sufficient to spend on weekends in college and hangout with his best buddies.

Since 2016, he has founded content writing organizations like Estorytellers, Taletel, Write Right, and holistic ad agency Dad of Ad. Write Right is the 2nd highest reviewed Content Marketing Agency in India by Clutch and stands neck-to-neck in this cut-throat digital marketing industry. Known for creative names for his books and his firms, Bhavik Sarkhedi is thriving to dominate the global market as he believes he has reached and covered Indian content writing services market categorically.

According to Bhavik Sarkhedi, “Content marketing sits under the umbrella of digital marketing sector. Cut to the chase, digital marketing is the future. The relevance of print media is clearly on the decline. Therefore, it’s vital to swim with the latest trends and I have always tried to stay in the competitive content marketing industry by helping brands and businesses digitally as a Content Consultant.”

Bhavik Sarkhedi’s writing came into limelight when he started writing guest columns for Huffingtonpost, Entrepreneur, YourStory, Inc42, etc. Till date, he has written for 35+ publications and his expertise in content marketing has helped aspiring writers, authors and digital marketers to grow and glow today. He didn’t stop writing for these top-notch publications but continued to dive deep in then-emerging content writing and digital marketing sector.

The journey of Bhavik Sarkhedi, Creative Constant Consultant and Pro Digital Marketer, from writing blogs to books has been nothing but spectacular. He smiles in the list of ‘Best Content Writers in the World’ and his 3 agencies stand proud in ‘Best Content Writing Organizations in India’. If not for him, he feels pride in positioning himself on behalf of India as presenting among the best in the world.

Bhavik Sarkhedi is a proud Indian content writer who has secured his place among the globally renowned experts.  A passionate and ambitious writer of the 90s has started his journey from personal diary writing and today, he has no less than a role model in ‘Digital Marketing’ and ‘Content Writing’. Write Right are two simple words he would live with and die with, says the one who is unstoppable and invincible in his journey.

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