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Euro Exim Bank, one of the fastest growing international institutions of the financial services sector

EEB looks forward on expanding in Singapore, Dubai, and Chennai to take maximum advantage of the rise in trade affairs between the Middle East and the Far East

Published: Jan 29, 2021 05:33:39 PM IST

Euro Exim Bank, one of the fastest growing international institutions of the financial services sector
Established in 2015, Euro Exim Bank Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing international financial institutions. It is headquartered in St. Lucia, West Indies, and has a representative office in London with exclusive dealings with registered corporates and clients based in active markets like UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Africa, and India.

The organization today is flourishing under the able guidance of its Head of compliance and operations, Graham Bright. He has successfully launched a growing network of highly qualified agents, affiliates, and partners designated in key locations who serve the import and export businesses across the globe. EEB focuses on expanding by starting offices in Singapore, Dubai, and Chennai to take maximum advantage of the rise in trade affairs between the Middle East and the Far East. 

More about graham bright

Mr. Bright comes with several roles and more than 35 years of experience in the finance industry. His experience encompasses working collaboratively with industry utilities, regulators, and Central Banks, consulting, and partner/channels management. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies and is also a serving UK Justice of the Peace in Magistrates Court, on Adult Criminal cases, Proceeds of Crime trials, and on Crown Court appeals. Graham is a regular contributor to trade journals, with published thought leadership articles in the financial technology press, a speaker at international trade industry conferences, award winner and recognized as “Most innovative executive in Trade Finance”

Hiccups on the way 

Graham shares that managing change both manmade and natural was a challenge. Even today with hurricanes and floods affecting their offices in the Caribbean and India to the Covid-19 pandemic with its global impact, they are more agile and adaptive than ever. Moving from paper to digital assets, implementing new technologies, contending with rapid and demanding local, national and international regulatory obligations, and moving from an on-site to a remote working environment with security, authority and safety have all challenged the current operations mode. But EEB is proud that they have not just coped but excelled in handling greater volume, diversity, and sustainability of the business.   

“In compliance and operations, managing constant regulatory change, mitigating risk, updating and protecting the sales teams, implementing cost-effective technologies to support our ever-growing volume of business, and handling more diverse client demand and expectation is also a challenge we keep facing and overcoming” further added Graham.   

The meaning of revolution 

Revolution implies a fundamental and relatively sudden change when the population revolts against a regime, typically due to political, social, or economic oppression. Coping with the devastating economic effects of Covid-19, more use of communications technology, none of these are revolutionary. Evolution is the key to future sustainability, and as the famous quote rightly states “when needs must, the devil drives”. 

“Also, there is no substitute for hard work. On a personal level, I wish I had studied harder in exams to get me on the path to be a commercial lawyer, specifically a barrister. Once the first step on the legal ladder was missed, my career took a different turn, ultimately proving successful in the financial services sector, and today in trade finance” states Graham. 

Change in the banking industry

Higher volumes, massive values, huge infrastructure projects, more players across advanced emerging economies, and smart phone services delivery have demanded more from organizations and systems that keep our money safe and moving, efficiently. Step in the challenger banks, all digital with no physical offices, and they witness the growth. And investment opportunities grow through fluctuation in cryptocurrencies vying for domination as alternatives to traditional expensive low liquidity fiat currencies. Eventually, these technologies will be as common in applications as the electricity used to run the boxes on which applications sit.

Graham affirms, “At Euro Exim Bank, we have prioritized the implementation of these new technologies, enabling us to smartly and efficiently meet client expectations, future-ready our products and be a pre-eminent provider and facilitator of trade finance services going forward.”

Corporate ethos at eeb

If there was one thing that Graham could change, he would like to run a lean diverse multicultural, multinational organization. He strives to constantly improve the team through greater engagement and motivation, recognizing and rewarding contribution, refining and providing the tools, mentoring, and above all, being open, accessible, and professional. And this is an ongoing process.

“Having joined a fledgling institution with 3 people only 5 years ago and now a collective team of over 200 represented in over 20 countries, our growth has been spectacular. In these challenging times, our agility, focus, and specialization have allowed us to use our expertise efficiently, protecting cash flow and building sustainable long-term opportunities” added Graham. 

Leadership role 

Three things helped Graham become who he is today. Firstly, leadership through listening, secondly, ensuring staff contributes to the success of the business, and thirdly, espousing honesty and trust. With an operational leadership role, key decisions are routinely made and in a competitive space challenged by rapidly changing mandatory governance and compliance, one must always hope for the best and plan for the worst in any decision process, supported by critical data, creative thinking, and experienced teams. 

Graham shares, “Our teams are constantly updated, made aware of rules, regulations, international, national and local implications of health issues and impacts on trade. This allows us to be ever vigilant in the fight against fraud, double invoicing, scams, and money laundering and we rely on staff to inform, educate, and mentor.”  

Best advice

Graham’s advice would be to stay financial technology savvy and understand blockchain and its implications, how Artificial intelligence is changing standard processes as documents become digitized. Above all, be prepared to try all aspects of all sectors.

“Building a business takes years and relies on solid foundations. In the current uncertain economic climate, firms must be realistic in profit and investment outlook, exercise pragmatic management, hire professionals, release the unproductive, listen, and learn constantly from peers and competition. Management must understand value and contribution, not just expenditure, and ultimately focus on what customers want and keep delivering it” wrapping the conversation Graham added. 

Awards and accolades

  • "Graham Bright - Most Innovative Executive in the Trade Finance Industry." BWM 2019 Global Corporate Excellence Awards 
  • Winner of the highly coveted CFI. Co’s Best Global Trade Services Bank award in 2018 & 2019. 
  • THE CEO VIEWS AWARDS - Recognised as Top 50 Most Innovative Companies To Watch in 2020 
  • INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AWARDS - Awarded for the Best Trade Services Bank in the Caribbean for 2019. 
  • MIRROR REVIEW AWARDS - Recognised as one of The 10 Best Financial Solution Providers to look for in 2019. 
  • FINANCE, BANKING & INVESTOR (FBI) - Winner of the Best Global Trade Services Bank of the Year Award for 2019 
  • THE CXO FORTUNE AWARDS - Recognised among 10 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020
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