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Bivins says brands need to be on the right side of change

Chris Bivins assures that he is a man of his people

Published: Jun 5, 2020 01:19:56 PM IST

Bivins says brands need to be on the right side of change

Chris Bivins is all about branding, influencers, small businesses and artists, and he feels as though now is the perfect time to comment on the importance of getting involved and aligning yourself with the right people. Bivins believes that the coronavirus pandemic and the civil unrest spawned from the murder of George Floyd exemplifies that the world is clearly changing. Bivins explains that the change must be good because the technology we possess allows us to recognize firsthand the evil actions of man. Without witnessing racism online via social media, many people would not understand the struggle that African American men and woman face on a daily basis.

Bivins describes his own upbringing and how George Floyd’s recent death has impacted him. Bivins grew up as a token black child in a predominantly white school system. He explains that his introduction to folks with a variety of different backgrounds has enabled him to communicate more effectively with people. He feels as though it is his duty to call out all of the influencer-type people that he works with and shed light on the subject of police brutality. Bivins urges that it is unacceptable for minorities with a social media platform to refrain from acknowledging America’s inequalities. Everyone must share how they feel on this topic because of how significant it is and how great of an impact it has on the livelihood of millions. Everyone must also choose the right side when voicing their opinions.

Chris Bivins assures that he is a man of his people. The injustices that George Floyd and so many before him faced are so unfathomable that it isn’t at all surprising that the citizens have decided to take action. As many take their stand against police brutality in the streets, Bivins asserts that it is important to take a stand online as well. PlayStation, Fashion Nova, Ben & Jerry’s, and Bank of America all realize that they have black supporters and they have taken the time to show support to black people during this tense period. It is important for influencers to be conscious of their team. Make sure your team has an understanding of what’s going on in the world. Don’t Just hop on the Black Lives Matter movement as a trend, but being a good person is being a good brand. The topic reminded Bivins of the H&M failure where the African American kid wore a shirt that said “coolest monkey in the jungle.” These type of simple occurrences can be avoided with the proper consultant who has an understanding of the culture. Bivins explains that it is discomforting to invest in a brand that doesn’t appreciate him. He also shed light on the fact that Fashion Nova donated to coronavirus victims. Such a good deed speaks volumes to the type of brand you are and what you represent. It’s crucial to give back to your people.


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