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Brian Suder, a businessman who went from rags to riches

Brian Suder was willing to learn and adapt to a new business environment

Published: Oct 19, 2020 12:37:11 PM IST

Brian Suder, a businessman who went from rags to riches
Before he became a millionaire, Brian Suder lived a life full of hardships, trying to overcome challenges that life was throwing at him on a regular basis. When he was just a kid, Brian Suder lived a life of crime, working directly for the Gambino crime family. Before he obtained a business degree in college, Mr.Suder was an ecstasy drug lord whose family was wrecked by misfortune. After his sister died of cancer, his parents divorced and he was kicked out of his home, he found himself between a rock and a hard place. Despite all these unfortunate events, Brian Suder turned his life around and became an entrepreneur, and later, a millionaire. 

It wasn’t easy to adapt to a whole new world of entrepreneurship, but Brian Suder was willing to learn and adapt to a new business environment. 

He became an entrepreneur during his college years when he was only 22 years old. His first venture was a cigar shop just outside of Baltimore. Soon after that, he opened another shop in a neighboring town.

With all the money he was earning from his ongoing business, Mr. Suder opened up Home Rescue Programs. With it, he helped many homeowners to avoid foreclosure on their houses. In 2008, the great recession happened. During this period, Mr. Suder already had a well-established business, he was assisting homeowners and originators to “keep their heads above the water”. Eventually, his efforts were noted by the members of Congress who invited him to Washington D.C in 2009 to share his insights.

Multiple revenue streams guarantee success for entrepreneurs

“Everything I have built, I have done with almost no help. I accept no money. I self-finance everything. I went from a negative bank account with a huge judgment against me to no debt, judgment paid, and a self-made millionaire.”

Michael Peres, an entrepreneur, journalist, radio host, and founder  of Hexa Tiger Web Development and Hecto Fox Web Hosting is no stranger to overcoming adversity by adapting to new environments and creating his own solutions. Just like Mr. Suder, he has built businesses from scratch. In a recent interview with Yahoo News, Mikey Peres stated:

“I started to learn that instead of carving my personality to conform to systems that generally worked for others, I was exponentially better off when I engineered my own solutions to accommodate my ambitions.”

Suder was always doing his best to be as self-sustaining as possible. His strategy was clear, never spent all of his efforts on only one venture, and he always kept his options open to new investments. Suder owned cigar shops, he opened up Home Rescue Programs, he established Music production and a state of the art music studio in a Beverly Hills Mansion and right now, the plans are set in motion for opening Luxury Hospice estate in 2021. Not to mention that, right now, Suder is focused on developing high-value funds through gold investment and cryptocurrency.

To stay focused, one must avoid distractions

One of the most counterproductive obstacles that you can meet on your way to the top is an unnecessary distraction. When asked how he coped with such things, Suder shared some tips on the matter.

- Stay informed, but never let the news or the politics steer you away from your goals. Entrepreneurs should avoid news from television newscasts and the internet.

- Your personal life should not affect your business endeavors. Despite being an entrepreneur, you will have problems in your private life. Although you should sort that out and find peace, never let such affairs negatively affect your business.

 - Negativity is like a disease, it will take you down slowly and destroy all of your efforts without you even noticing on time. Always do your best to stay positive and surround yourself with people who can have a good influence on you.

Mikey Peres agrees with these claims, he firmly believes that, if you love your job, you will always manage to find motivation and focus to do it right. For Yahoo News, he mentioned:

“I don’t completely understand why people need vacations, we shouldn’t spend one third of our life engaged in work we’re excited to run away from. Whatever your dreams might be, always make sure you’re not being paid to forget about them.”

Learn to grow, motivated by your past experiences

In business, like in most other aspects of life, you will learn a lot during your journey, either from people or your past experiences. Taught by history and the events that he lived through,  Suder surrounded himself with experts in various areas of finance and was involved in forming Greystone Finance Group. Recognized as one of the best Business Services providers in 2018, Suder’s Firm is now a powerhouse of the business scene in the U.S. Without his vast experience in law and finances, Suder would never come to an idea to establish such a business. It takes time, and a lot of learning, but eventually your past experiences will open new opportunities for you, you just need to stay vigilant.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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