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Dr. Anil Balachandran: Nurturing business minds to script great growth stories

Better known as 'the Kingmaker' Dr. Anil Balachandran is the man fueling great business stories. He is the inspiration and a pillar pushing ahead the business fraternity across the globe, to realise their true potential

Published: Nov 25, 2022 10:05:45 PM IST
Updated: Nov 26, 2022 08:50:57 AM IST

Business requires a different acumen and mindset. Every entrepreneur thus possesses some special nerve that makes them so good in business. However, with the right mentor in tow, every entrepreneur has the capability to break the ceiling. Dr. Anil Balachandran is that mentor or life coach who hones great minds to make them excellent in their field.

Starting a revolution
When asked what his line of business is, Dr. Anil Balachandran proudly says that he is in the business of investment. He says, "When my customers join me, they are indeed investing in themselves. And in return, we make sure the ROI is in multi folds too within a short span of time! No financing or non-financing entity can offer this today, tomorrow, and even in the years to come! We have proved it already, and that’s Kings Club today. The capability of over-delivering our promises shows it!"

The brainchild of Dr. Anil Balachandran, the Kings Club is a group of 800+ Keralite Entrepreneurs from all 7 continents led by Dr. Anil Balachandran, The King Maker!  Many of them have grown to the level of multipreneur by now. King’s Club has already broken the traditional business learning mechanisms and one can find members from 12 years to 72 years in the club. The beauty of this unique club is that people who wish to become entrepreneurs are also welcomed and given opportunities to interact with veterans in the field.

The humble yet worthy start
A globetrotter, he constantly goes on business visits all across the world to learn from real scenarios and develop an insightful scope of learning for the entrepreneurs. A rigorous learner Dr. Anil Balachandranalways wanted to create something of his own and become a successful businessman. Immediately after his post-graduation (MBA), he started working to build the capital for his own business. A humble start and the right pedestal made him invest and start a bevy of ventures of his own. But as luck had it he lost a lot of funds in these rather unsuccessful ventures and suffered a blow by incurring debts worth 1.20 crores.

A go-getter, Dr. Anil Balachandran did not give up and rather aimed for a debt-free life and began to tread on his strengths. Realising the pitfalls in his earlier ventures and owning up to his strength, he started to offer sales coaching. With over 17 years of experience in sales, he launched The Kingmaker and began to push success stories for his discerning business fraternity. A BSc in Mathematics and his humble background in a middle-class family actually provided the right ingredient for growth and courage to Dr. Anil Balachandran and helped him stay put on his journey through the ups and downs.

Creating success stories
Keeping with his pace of imparting the right knowledge to the business fraternity, he has until now trained more than 3 Lakh sales professionals across 11 countries and trained 10,000+ CEOs and business owners as CEO Coach. With his undying passion for creating the right business minds, he has developed a community of 800+ entrepreneurs. What is unique about him is that he nurtures these minds by constantly training them every day for the last 1000 days since 2019 as well as facilitating them to expand to other countries from India and U.A.E.

This is nothing short of a remarkable achievement and further, as part of his social commitment, he has conducted online training and streamed around 1000 training videos through his YouTube channel for those who could not attend direct training during the Covid period and reached 3.5 million people in ventures that really helped them survive the Covid recession times. He has even organized an event called "The Salesman of The Year Award" which was surely the first step worldwide to felicitate skilled Malayali salespeople. This event and his unique endeavour mark the beginning of a new era of business for the fraternity, as he works forward unwavered to shape the history of business, across the globe.

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