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Eric Behanzin: 12 Days that will change your life

Eric Behanzin now has emerged in the global stage of business as a exemplary method that others can follow to achieve success using his guidelines

Published: Oct 13, 2020 10:23:17 AM IST

Eric Behanzin: 12 Days that will change your life
Holding the secret of mankind’s success even after repeated failures in business and personal life, the eminent corporate strategist and prolific international speaker Eric Behanzin now has opened up a new vista for the millions of people through his book “12 Days.”

Paris-based Eric Behanzin, the highest-paid business strategist in France, has given his recipe on how to become rich, happy, and proud of oneself portraying its ways and means in the form of paragraphs of this book that are virtual rhymes and lyrics of success.              

“12 Days” also offers graphical narratives on how a person can achieve in life by taking a U-turn after failures after failures. Yes! Touching the bottom in one’s life after a series of setbacks and again rising to success is possible and many people have proved it.

Get to the Top, Consider Failures as Bad Dream

Take the case of none other than Eric Behanzin himself to exemplify it. From ground Zero, he rose to justifiably claim: I came, I saw and I Conquered! Veni, Vidi, Vici, so to say! On turning over the pages of “12 Days”, you too can master the art and science of going up in life to touch the Bull’s Eye of success.

Eric Behanzin, the top-rated speaker of 2018 who shared stages with such global icons like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Steve Wozniak, Jessica Simpson, and Brooke Shields, also mesmerized the people across the world by telling an inspiring tale of an entrepreneur in “12 Days”.

According to Eric, a business needs to have the right foundations, strategy and people around it. During his first 15 years in business, success didn’t come because he didn’t have a clear strategy to execute his plans. However, soon he mastered a 3-part strategy – 1) Seal - sealing your unique positioning and branding, 2) Deal - closing deals with large profits, and 2) Scale - with the right systems and team in place – with the help of the right mentors, and thereafter achieved exponential growth of success.

This is a key that can be applied to every business, regardless of the industry. That’s why he also offers his mentoring based on “invest in yourself with the right education” to entrepreneurs by distance through his book and business coaching services.

Why Those 12 Days Matter

Strategically designed as a practical life and business guide rather than a simple book, “12 Days” tells the tale of an entrepreneur who spent 12 days all alone without food or water creating a method to make you rich, happy and proud of yourself.

Blame it on our inquisitiveness, here we would question as to why did he spend 12 days alone without food or water? The answer to it given by Eric Behanzin is extremely interesting. It runs like this:

Extreme fatigue, health problems, a challenge and a need for answers... it is the search for this answer that makes one ladder up all obstacles to reach the apex of success.

What Eric Behanzin, an Award-Winning International Speaker, aimed to convey through this tale is the fact that nothing can resist the power of conviction: Our determination has the power to transform the impossible into possible, here and now.

Eric Behanzin: Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Excellence

Eric Behanzin now is a philanthropist of international standing. He is supporting transformative schools for hundreds of orphans in Togo. He runs his own company Explosive Business which has presence in 4 countries of the world. This company motivates thousands of people across the world.

The author’s own life story is very interesting. He began his career with a keen interest in music and went on to enjoy a 20-year span as an international singer, musician and trainer. But it was not only the music that he was interested in, being a man of versatility.

Eric Behanzin also entered into the business over the last decade building his music and vocal training school. He was brilliantly successful in running this music school. After that, he created the “Explosive Business” method, and began to deliver to his entrepreneurial clients the lessons on how to boost their financial results in a short time, within just a few months.

For all practical purposes, Eric Behanzin now has emerged in the global stage of business as a exemplary method that others can follow to achieve success using his guidelines and following his inspirational lectures. And now he is singing lessons to the entrepreneurs to script their success own stories. He is expanding his circle of reach to other entrepreneurs globally, via an online entrepreneur university that will be launched Jan 2021.

Find out more about Eric on http://ericbehanzin.com

To get a copy of his book, 12 Days, click on this link: http://12days.co

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