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Facing the pandemic with high spirits: Youssef Chreiba

His most recent launch of a line of products is stunning fashion filter masks, which created a great buzz over social media

Published: Dec 11, 2020 03:16:44 PM IST

Facing the pandemic with high spirits: Youssef Chreiba
Youssef Chreiba is businessperson and influencer from the city of Mohammedia, born in September 8, 1995. Youssef has finished his schooling in Hassan II University Casablanca. While he had begun his excursion as a blogger and an influencer, he is presently the diplomat of a portion of the top brands of the world like Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wrist-wear, Daniel Wellington.

His most recent launch of a line of products is stunning fashion filter masks, which created a great buzz over social media. He partnered with the famous artist Hicham Benslimane for this project. They worked together closely to design this ingenious fashion filter mask for Covid protection. It has been a turning point for Chreiba, and social media has already started rewarding him with its blessings.

Chreiba is a brilliant fashion blogger and is known for this stand-out of the crowd creativity. His associate in this undertaking, Benslimane, has also played a big role in the success of this project. For people who don't know, Hicham Benslimane also hails from Morocco and is a very established celebrity stylist and fashion designer.

Together, they've built these remarkably designed masks which are also very effective in protection against the Coronavirus. When you take a look at other mask designs in the market, the most fashionable of masks' out there are created using sub-standard material which provides little protection against the virus. While those products are usually of an aesthetic characteristic rather than utility, this product stands out in terms of being purposeful along with being fashionable.

Its filtering effectiveness is claimed to be 95% of air particles which makes it ideal protective gear against COVID-19 whilst also being fashionable. It provides premium comfort since it is made with breathable cotton. And, it fits the face like a glove, completely covering the nose and mouth. The design is tailor-made encouraging it to be a fit that can accommodate all face shapes and sizes. The product flaunts a state of the art design, in terms of fabric quality and comfort.

It has a very comfortable edge tailored to suit the comfort of your skin. This Filter Mask is the symbolism of underlying optimism amidst the pandemic and the highly cheerful spirits that we are capable of showing even under stressful situations. This product is ready to become the latest trendsetter for upcoming fashion statements. We firmly believe in this product and in the innovative mindset that is behind the design and that the future is bright for Youssef Chreiba. We heartily congratulate Chreiba on the launch of his line of Fashion Filter Masks for Covid prevention. We also wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors.

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