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Serial entrepreneur Gianluigi Ventre shares his journey to financial freedom

He describes himself as a natural-born entrepreneur, so it's no surprise that he began his first venture soon after completing school

Published: Dec 11, 2020 03:13:36 PM IST

Serial entrepreneur Gianluigi Ventre shares his journey to financial freedom
In life, there are certain people who are born to do extraordinary things. Gianluigi Ventre is one of these unique individuals, as he has managed to transform his innovative business ideas into reality, which has ultimately given him financial freedom and the ability to live his life however he pleases.

Just like other prominent entrepreneurs, many people today solely recognize Gianluigi for how successful he has become; however, it took Ventre numerous months of consistent trial and error to create a profitable business that revolves around helping others- something that Ventre values more than anything. At just 30 years old, Gianluigi has already accomplished a lifetime’s worth of achievements, but he is only just beginning to build his finance empire.

Gianluigi is an Italian entrepreneur who was born in the city of Avellino. He studied economics in school and from a young age had big dreams of one day becoming a businessman on Wall Street. He describes himself as a natural-born entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise that he began his first venture soon after completing school.

His first entrepreneurial endeavor was the creation of a poker software. As suspicious as this may sound, the software was completely legal, and the algorithm was programmed to not only count the cards that had been used but was extremely accurate in predicting future cards that were most likely to be played. Eventually, the software was banned from use, but not before Gianluigi made over $200,000 from utilizing it. This money gave Gianluigi plenty of time to brainstorm his next business venture.

While taking some time to gather new business ideas, Gianluigi met an Australian finance guru, and they quickly became close friends. The man, a mentor to Gianluigi, inspired him to become heavily involved with trading and other various finance-related activities. At the time, Ventre had not studied finance beyond basic courses in school, but after months of studying and practicing trading strategies, Gianluigi put his skills to the test. He entered a trading competition along with 200 other contestants, and a staggering $50,000 cash prize.

Gianluigi won the competition in an impressive fashion and built a great amount of confidence in doing so. He took the $50,000 prize and invested it towards creating his first business- a finance company which teaches individuals how to trade, manage their money to build wealth, and increase overall sales. Soon after, Gianluigi amassed a 240% profit return on an investment of $100,000, and a 2,000% on the collapse of oil.

Although Gianluigi had already built a terrific service, gaining the trust of potential clients was very difficult. “Considering how many scams there are on the web, especially when it comes to trading and other financial services, I had some difficulties in dealing with customers in the beginning,” he explained. To overcome this issue, Gianluigi began offering free trials of his services and products to help establish a trusting relationship with his prospective clients, and it quickly paid off.

He built a strong foundation for his business through dozens of satisfied clients, as positive word-of-mouth feedback began to rapidly spread through social media. Now that Gianluigi receives a heavy amount of inquiries regarding his services, he has become more selective in the clients he chooses to work with. For him, his business is not about making as much money as possible. He stated, “Anyone can attempt to learn how to trade, but it is not a simple task. One must have the right tools, a strong commitment, and spend hours of time studying financial material. I choose to invest my time in clients who are serious about learning and investing in themselves.”

Nowadays, Gianluigi has hundreds of clients who utilize his services and products, and over 300 employees that help him run his business. As long as he has his laptop and an internet connection, he is able to work from anywhere in the world. With the financial freedom he has earned, he spends many months of the year traveling around the globe and enjoys experiencing new cities, cultures, and meeting a plethora of new people. He has significant plans for the upcoming year and is focused on continuing to expand his business. We can’t wait to see what Gianluigi Ventre does next, and we would like to congratulate him on his amazing accomplishments thus far.

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