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Renowed Doctor of London's Harley Street shares his views on cosmetics and the future of it

Meet the youngest plastic surgeon on Harley Street

Published: Dec 11, 2020 03:08:09 PM IST
Updated: Dec 14, 2020 05:58:07 PM IST

The cosmetic industry is a world of its own with so many advancements taking place each passing day. The ever-growing medical space has given birth to some of the most renowned medical professionals, surgeons and cosmetic doctors. The renowned doctor of London's Harley Street shares his views on Cosmetics and the future of it. He recently had a Tête-à-tête and shares with the journey he has had so far in his flourishing career as a sought-after cosmetic surgeon.

1. How did you come to be one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeons on London’s renowned Harley Street?

I’ve always been fascinated in understanding human anatomy. My curiosity and passion has translated in the details and success of my work by providing novel techniques that aesthetically reverse the aging process, or in other cases, enhance the features of my patients. When a patient comes and sits with me I work in conjunction with them and provide a bespoke consultation, because no two faces are ever the same. I am very honest with my clients and have no problem dissuading them and putting forth my professional eye first.

2. What personal attributes do you think got you to where you are today?

I am extremely driven, just ask anyone that has ever worked with me. I always prioritise my clients over my personal life. I see myself having my own hospital in the near future and following in my great grandfather's footsteps. See, I come from a family of doctors which has taught me discipline from an early age. Therefore I consider myself lucky that I not only was I born into my profession, but that I found passion in it which has helped me excel. I have always considered myself a collaborator and not a competitor in my industry.

3. What do you think the cosmetic trends will be?

We’ve entered a new era of pandemic zoom conferences, TikToks, Instagram Live and many other applications in which people have to stare at their own faces regularly. This Instagram/ Snapchat revolution of filters has helped fuel the cosmetic industry by 300%. We now see an influx of non-invasive procedures like eyebrow transplants, threads, fillers, masculinization, autoplasty and blepheroplasty massively shifting away from general anesthetic procedures.

4. Has coronavirus affected your practice and how have you adjusted?

The lockdown alone negatively affected our clinics expected yearly earnings by 50%. We are however, effectively taking all precautionary measures set in line with the government’s guidelines. Our staff are regularly tested to ensure we are Covid free and protective gear is mandatory. All our patients are asked to self-isolate before a procedure and we’ve lowered our daily patient intake.

5. Why do people prefer Harley street?

Well, it’s a global famous hub for private healthcare. It has a rich medical history that goes as far back as the 1800s. There are 3000+ medical professionals and 200+ clinics, so the chances that you’ll find the specialists and treatments that you need and/or want are very, very high. People choose to fly to London from overseas to see specialists from here. A lot of medical work for the rich and famous happens here so we’re very proud to be established on Harley Street.

6. What does innovation look like in your practice?

I’ve invented a lot of bespoke non-surgical techniques during the span of my career. One example is my signature rhinoplasty treatment using threads, among other bespoke techniques, that cover everything from the removal of cellulite, anti-aging process, long hair FUE and my high-demand eyebrow transplant.

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