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Festive Season Corporate Gifting that appeals to the head and heart

Published: Oct 19, 2018 06:23:35 AM IST
Updated: Oct 19, 2018 06:55:07 PM IST

Festive Season Corporate Gifting that appeals to the head and heart

Diwali is the festival of lights. It symbolizes the collective victory of good over evil and therefore, a time of great joy and togetherness. In today’s context, it’s a time for spreading good cheer among family, friends and well-wishers. At a broader level, it’s a time to reinforce bonds that matter by exchanging gifts and sweets and other mouth-watering goodies. As elsewhere in the world, gift giving during the festival season gives people the opportunity to express a range of emotions from love and respect to gratitude, appreciation and togetherness. At the corporate level too, a gift can say it better than a thousand words. So, naturally, for organisations across India, the advent of the festival season is inseparable from the excitement and furore that comes with the process of choosing and sending gifts to lists of precious stakeholders.

Efficient use of Time and Funds
The exercise of gift giving at the corporate level takes on a completely different level of complexity and significance when compared to personal gifting. There are multiple lists of stakeholders that have to be reviewed, year after year; be it employees, customers, business associates or other benefactors, in a dynamic business eco-system, names on the list could keep changing while the levels of priority could vary too. Then, there is the consideration that business gifts should leave a lasting impression on the recipients, when representing the giftor organisations. Corporate executives are left with a truly complex task when to add to all this, the gift must be appreciated by a wide range of people with different mind-sets. Lastly, at a more practical level, aspects such as budgets and timeliness of deliveries are extremely crucial. With this long and intricate set of requirements, corporates could well be paralyzed when it comes to making choices.

The Perfect Choice
And here’s where Mondelez India comes to the rescue with Cadbury Joy Deliveries, an initiative which considerably simplifies the lives of corporate gift givers. Its entire gifting proposition centres around four main USPs that cover the entire spectrum of corporate gifting requirements – Personalisation, Great Discounts, Hassle-free Shipping and an Attractive Range of products.

To begin with, nothing says it better than chocolates and Cadbury is synonymous with a wide and eclectic range of sweet treats, primarily its assortment chocolates, which range from signature chocolate packs, both dark and milk, with various flavours and added ingredients, to its special edition chocolate gift packs and last, but certainly not the least, off-the-shelf bars that are a grab-and-go favourite. This gives corporate gift givers an extremely wide canvas of options to choose from, with something to suit any budget.

This unbeatable edge is accompanied with the advantage of being the largest chocolate maker in the country, which delivers considerable economies of scale. The company leverages these economies to give its clients excellent gifting discounts.

But what’s a gift without personalisation? In perfect response, Cadbury offers to customise its products for gift givers with names on the gift boxes and/or sleeves, alongside the corporate entity’s name and logo. It goes a step further, offering to embellish the wrapper or packaging with a personal image of the corporate’s choice, which could depict an occasion or evoke a fond memory, along with an emotive message.

Convenience personified

Swamped with responsibilities beyond overseeing the gifting exercise, busy corporate executives see the convenience that Cadbury Joy Deliveries offers as a breath of fresh air in their cramped work schedules. On the one hand, Cadbury offers the option to place gift orders online on its website - Cadbury Joy Deliveries; this saves time and effort spend visiting malls and wholesale outlets, especially as the product needs no visual testing or sampling. More importantly, Cadbury also offers to take over the entire dreary task of distribution to multiple addresses with its hassle free shipping service. Reputed for its deep distribution network and supply chain that spans the length and breadth of the country, the offer of time bound distribution is completely credible.   

Win-win situation for corporate gift-givers
However it is sliced, Cadbury Joy Deliveries is a win-win proposition for corporates as it appeals to both their head and heart and leaves the privileged recipient with a sweet taste in the mouth and an enduring memory.

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