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Fitness Empire aspires to make India healthy, both mentally and physically

Business Mint Awarded Fitness Empire as Outstanding Fitness Center in Bangalore

Published: Oct 12, 2020 03:03:23 PM IST
Updated: Oct 12, 2020 03:23:06 PM IST

Fitness Empire aspires to make India healthy, both mentally and physically
Fitness is not an option but a necessity these days. Mental fitness is just as important as Physical fitness, and should not be taken for granted. You can either choose to exercise at home or hit the gym. Fitness Empire is one such famous venture that was started with an aim of making people of India fit and healthy. Obesity is one of the major concerns that most people face. With the help of fitness equipment and programs available at the Fitness Empire, people can become hearty and healthy. 

This venture aims to provide its members with workout plans and customized meals so that they can stay fit physically and mentally.  Fitness Empire is spread out in a vast area of around 5000 sq. feet that has built a niche in almost several fitness arenas that include CrossFit, Yoga, HIIT, Zumba, weight training, aerobics, etc. Fitness empire aims to achieve customer's fitness. Clients can all choose their timing slots according to their convenience, that is, when they get time from their busy schedules. It spreads awareness of cross-fit as well, and inspires people to leave on such terms. Crossfit is the key to stay healthy and lead a fit lifestyle. This type of lifestyle is often characterised by safe and sound nutrition and effective exercise. Fitness Empire inspires people to lead a very healthy life by following a crossfit regime.

Unique, reliable, and recreational workshops are provided by the athletic and competent team of trainers. Customized solutions are offered to individuals based on their body type. This training centre provides physical and mental stability for people of all age groups. 

Fitness Empire aspires to make India healthy, both mentally and physically
The Fitness Empire understands that people in India suffer from obesity, and it is one of the major health concerns nowadays. They also understand that obesity comes with low confidence and other insecurities. Keeping the high rise of the graph in mind, it strives to promote good food habits, a healthy lifestyle, and the significance of doing physical activities daily. It also believes that exercising programs shouldn't be boring. People will not feel like doing it every day if they are boring. Hence, it leverages well-equipped facilities and state-of-art to help hundreds of customers enjoy the transition into healthy, fit, and better lifestyles. As a result, this business has been successfully solving several problems related to mental and physical fitness ever since it has been established. 

Within a short time, it has accomplished new heights. Anil Kumar started this venture with a passion for seeing a healthy and hearty India. His unique idea is already working, and people love this new concept brought into the market. The entrepreneur has recently attained the age of 30, and he started the Fitness Empire when he was 27 years of age. Because of its new concept, the venture is making good profits, and its annual revenue stands at around Rs. 1.5-2 crores. 

Anil Kumar pursued Engineering from Bangalore. During his college days, he was skinny and lean, so his peers teased him a lot. This mocking drove him on the fitness road when he decided to be one of the fittest men in India. He is a certified fitness coach by passion. The mocking led him to become one of the best fitness coaches of all time. 

Fitness Empire thrives by solving three major concerns of people nowadays. It focuses on resolving issues related to physical fitness, obesity, and mental fitness. Custom-fit high-quality training and meal programs are designed especially for the clients that suit varied needs and preferences. It all helps to take the fitness game up by a notch. The training equipment of the Fitness Empire can be easily used by anyone, be it a novice or a training expert. They don't believe the One-Size-Fits-All mantra, and therefore each workout plan is designed to keep the body type of a customer in mind. 

The team of trainers at Fitness Empire are all eminent and have attained global recognition in the fitness field. They have won several awards in multiple domains as well. The venture takes pride in its team of trainers. Ijaz Ahmed Laskar is one such trainer of which the Fitness Empire is particularly proud of.

The efforts of this fitness venture inspired Business Mint to nominate it for the Outstanding Fitness Centre in Bangalore. The star-Studded jury liked the innovative concept. Hence, Business Mint presented them with the award of the Outstanding Fitness Centre in Bangalore

Its team has a passion in their hearts of bringing out the best in every individual. The owner of the Fitness Empire firmly believes that he can empower people by sharing his own experience. Personal empowerment is something that sets him apart from the crowd.

For More Information https://fitnessempire.co.in/

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