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Yassine Medaghri Alaoui: The business magnate the world needs to know more about

The under 25 young business personality is a versatile entrepreneur who has dived deep into multiple projects and businesses across the world

Published: Oct 12, 2020 03:08:33 PM IST

Yassine Medaghri Alaoui: The business magnate the world needs to know more about
In a world that is so fully drenched in the power of gaining overnight successes, the real success stories are the ones that are defined by pure love and relentless hard work. It is always surreal to know the number of talents that have come forward in the world of business, especially in the last few years and looking at the same; we can say that youngsters as top business personalities are today leaving their mark of excellence across industries. One such young business magnate we came across is Yassine Medaghri Alaoui from Morocco and the one who has become a multi-skilled and serial entrepreneur in a very short period of time.

Born in 1996, in Rabat, Yassine had innate skills for the world of business, thanks to his parents, an heiress of successful businesses across the vast Moroccan markets and a politician. The level of recognition and name Yassine has earned throughout the years in business can be attributed to his keen interest in stepping foot into the same for which this youngster also completed B.A in the Business and Entrepreneurship with honors at the Johnson and Wales University. Today, Yassine is a self-made young entrepreneur who has made his presence felt across various business areas and industries. The sectors he has already made a name for himself include real estate, transportation, luxurious industry, educational training and marketing and advertising.

Speaking about his multiple businesses, 'Groupe Loulanti', where Yassine serves as the Vice Chairman of the group is one of the most prominent names in the real estate sector of Morocco. They have been named as one of the most successful builders in Northern Morocco. The company has been working relentlessly across several sectors, right from construction to other basic real estate trades and with that automotive distribution as well. MEDIALAOUI is Yassine's advertising company for which he is the President and Chairman. With the growing number of brands and businesses that have contributed to the economy of Morocco to a large scale, Yassine believed in creating an advertising company that can make great use of transportation like taxis, which represent as a great partner for marketing and advertising. It is specialised in the creation of advertising space that can bring people closer to brands and businesses through impactful communication and visibility not only across Morocco but internationally as well.

Yassine has come up with DRIVE BOX, which is an innovative tablet project as more and more customers have increased their commutation through taxis, more room is made available for tailored advertisement strategies. Also, to initiate an environmentally friendly advertisement initiative, Yassine has been working upon its phygital business ecosystem by optimum and effective use of tactile tablets at the back of the driver and the co-driver's seats. DRIVE BOX will not only advertise and market people and companies, but it will also entertain the passengers and get their hands on many online services as well.

Apart from this, there are several other upcoming projects as well in diverse sectors of hospitality and entrepreneurship that Yassine is working upon to bring about the best services to create mutually beneficial partnerships to turn them into lucrative endeavours. His company is working to create a one of a kind hotel complex which would be adjacent to the Marrakech Menara Airport. Yassine also has created the 'Moroccon Association for African entrepreneurs', that aims to help young entrepreneurs across Africa to advise on their projects and businesses. It is for helping youngsters for creating ideas and if they happen to work really well, Yassine also invests in the same, becoming majority shareholders, making the financial part for entrepreneurs easier.

Looking at the feats that Yassine has already achieved in the business world and knowing the many aspirations for which he is working consistently, makes us believe that he would soon achieve all his business goals and take his multiple projects in business on the path to success.

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