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Get your dose of healthy skin & hair, steady energy and restful sleep everyday with Vi & Ash

Vi & Ash is bringing wholesome wellness your way with their proprietary, scientifically formulated, 100% vegan nutraceutical gummies

Published: Nov 29, 2022 05:48:03 PM IST
Updated: Nov 30, 2022 03:21:18 PM IST

Get your dose of healthy skin & hair, steady energy and restful sleep everyday with Vi & AshHailing from a family of esteemed pharmacists, Vinti Rijhwani’s foray into the wellness segment is more personal than anything else. A graduate in Business Studies and Information Systems Management from the UK, Rijhwani has earlier served as a creative communication consultant for Swiggy.

At some point in her career, Rijhwani began to feel burned out, but given that she was focusing on her career, she didn’t quite register the negative impact of the rushed life on her wellbeing. But it soon caught up with her and she realised that there were more like her - people struggling to maintain their work-life balance while their own wellness was being compromised.

Thus began her quest to develop a range of products that would help people to feel & live better with ease. Leveraging her pharma background and the intensive research & development that went on for almost a year, Rijhwani was finally able to launch Vi & Ash, an over-the-counter gummy supplements brand on June 11, 2022. Currently, the brand caters to some simple concerns that one faces on an everyday basis – low energy, compromised sleep and damaged hair & skin.

Get your dose of healthy skin & hair, steady energy and restful sleep everyday with Vi & Ash
“With so many nutraceutical brands already out there, we want to go beyond being just another me-too-brand. We want to create a deeper connection with our community that goes beyond our product. We want to create a movement that helps people to live healthier and feel better - both inside and out. We are on a mission to enable people to empower themselves so that they can take back the control of their lives. We want to make wellness both fun and functional rather than this abstract and oftentimes daunting concept that it is now. Keeping this purpose in mind, all our products are and will continue to be result driven, science-backed and easy to infuse into one's everyday lives.” says Rijhwani.

Well-being, in today’s hustling-every-minute lifestyle, has become more important than ever, and it’s never a bad idea to go an extra mile to take care of yourself. Restful sleep, stronger hair, better skin and nails, increased energy — these are all aspects of your well-being that need more than just a good skincare routine or a workout. This is where Vi & Ash gummies come in.

Get your dose of healthy skin & hair, steady energy and restful sleep everyday with Vi & Ash
It’s important to Vi & Ash as a company to ensure that the products are not scary in virtue of their appearance and taste — after all, no one wants to swallow bitter pills or bite into funky smelling goobies, right? In their proprietary blends, Vi & Ash has chosen delicious and familiar flavours that are preservative-free, gluten-free and completely vegan. These on-the-go gummies are easy to incorporate into one’s everyday routine. While most brands recommend consuming two gummies a day, Vi & Ash have kept their serving to just one gummy a day to ensure minimum sugar intake.

The Energy+ supplement, meant for an instant energy boost to get through your day with zest, has a unique mocha cappuccino flavour, which tastes and works just like coffee! So if you’re having one of those days where stopping to pick your cuppa is difficult, pop a gummy and you’re set.

Studies are constantly showing and proving the importance of restful sleep for all health reasons, and the Sleep+ blend is intended for just that. A unique formula that helps to calm your mind and promote restful sleep. Chewing on a melatonin gummy 30 minutes before bedtime will ease your stress and put you to bed in no time; so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Hydration and a healthy routine for your hair, skin, and nails is important, but given the excessive pollution, constant weather change and stressful lifestyle, you might need to add a little oomph to combat external factors that aren’t in your control. Hair+ blend containing biotin & a fusion of essential vitamins promotes healthy hair, skin and nails by restoring their health from within. An added bonus? They’re strawberry flavoured!

So let’s choose your health over much else, one Vi & Ash gummy at a time

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