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Honesty and Transparency – the key to the overwhelming success of credit and personal finance king – Umesh Agarwal

This Millionaire has set out to become a Billionaire from his hard work, patience, and the trust of his clients

Published: Jul 1, 2020 03:51:17 PM IST

Honesty and Transparency – the key to the overwhelming success of credit and personal finance king – Umesh Agarwal
With great money comes great taxes; this is the sentiment throughout all the governments in the world. Managing your finance can become a tedious affair, and one needs a good personal finance manager to maximize their wealth, generate more savings, and also pay the needed taxes. To have a proper personal finance manager is a boon and only a hundred percent trust and transparency yield success for the ones who hire. There is an entrepreneur who, with transparency and brilliant work ethic, transformed his and many of his clients’ personal finance life, he is Umesh Agarwal.

Born in India, Umesh originally became an Engineer, and then came to the US for a post-graduate studies. Umesh belonged to a middle-class family; he traveled to India and back in an economy class, and always dreamed of sitting in the business class. This thought gave him an idea, i.e. to ethically figure out his way into the business class. Umesh was a quick learner since childhood, and he cracked the algorithm to earn a place in the business class of the flight using airlines mile program to his advantage. Umesh was thriving in the United States but felt that his life had become monotonous. He felt that he lacked the zeal and excitement in his life, just like the travel hacking he had done in his earlier days in the US.

Umesh also learned that in the US, one needs a good credit score. Not knowing the credit business, Umesh focused on learning the ins and outs of credit, build his credit profile, and various techniques of maintaining that credibility. On the surface, a pretty boring subject, but Umesh’s instincts kicked in, and he thought of digging in further with topics of personal finance such as the US housing market, business line of credit, etc. This research felt like attaining an MBA degree. Umesh gave up his monthly paycheck job and started his journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Umesh co-founded Credit 101 LLC and started giving tips to people on managing the credit score and finances. Umesh’s steep rise in the personal finance manager business is because he chose transparency over money. Umesh built a strong base of clients as he would work with full honesty and transparency. Many major clients would jokingly say to him that he should not be 100% transparent in his work, but Umesh knew that it was the reason for his success in the first place and that didn’t change. Umesh Agarwal became a millionaire, earning a seven-figure sum with his hard-work, patience, and strong will for success. Credit 101, the product of Umesh’s and his partners combined skills and knowledge in credit repair, is a  results-oriented company that is committed to developing strong relationships with its customers and teaching new skills for credit score restoration solutions. Credit 101 analyzes the credit report of the concerned clients to identify all negative factors hurting clients scores and then comes up with a custom game plan for each client's needs. Its client-centric strategies and methods to credit repair have been used by only 1% of companies in the same field nationwide.

His journey has inspired a lot of young entrepreneurs, and his following has increased to over 300,000+ people on Instagram. Umesh’s agency also offers comprehensive credit repair services and financial advice with complete transparency, which has turned him into a successful entrepreneur, and his followers have dubbed him as the “King of Credit”.

If you want to learn more about how Umesh Agarwal and Credit 101 can restore your credit, check out his website or message him on Instagram.

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