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Hydrus7 Labs announces strategic partnership with Europe based Epillo Health Systems

This alliance will help Blockchain-based Digital Health company Epillo to aggressively accelerate the execution of its Distributed ledger model-based Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx)

Published: Jan 27, 2021 02:28:49 PM IST

Hydrus7 Labs announces strategic partnership with Europe based Epillo Health Systems
Hydrus7 Labs, USA based blockchain technology company announces a strategic partnership with Europe based Epillo Health Systems.

Epillo Health Systems, a Digital Healthcare company based in Europe, having Patent-pending innovations in 153 countries through the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and 27 countries of the European Union (EU) through the European Patent Office (EPO), working to transform the Digital Healthcare technology landscape by incorporation the best of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Blockchain in Digital Healthcare has partnered with  USA-based Hydrus 7 Labs (Venture of JD COIN LLC) to aggressively expand its innovation portfolio as well as broaden and accelerate product development in Europe and USA.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh (CEO of Hydrus7 Labs), along with Mr. Jhon Banga, Dr. Deepak Parashar led the agreement on behalf of Hydrus7 labs. After the partnership, the New board of Epillo Health Systems, chaired by Dr. Bhupinder Singh of Hydrus7 Labs, has appointed Epillo’s existing founder and Director Mr. Aasif Shah as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Epillo’s user-facing and clinical use solutions and products such as the blockchain-based Digital Therapeutic Device (DTx) project, backed by Intellectual Property (IP), slated to launch in May 2021.

Aasif Shah is a Digital Healthcare Technology evangelist, a TEDx speaker on Digital Revolution in Healthcare, having worked closely with various public and private healthcare organizations to achieve Digital Healthcare Transformation. He has done phenomenal work on Digital Healthcare having EHR (Electronic Health Record) as his first milestone achievement with his previous projects.

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are patient-facing software applications that help patients treat, prevent, or manage the disease and that have a proven clinical benefit. For example, Digital Therapeutics can support patients in self-managing symptoms, adding benefits to their current therapies and thereby improve their quality of life and other clinical endpoints.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is medical software that can be prescribed by doctors to help patients treat, predict, prevent, or manage a disease, illness, or a symptom, and have clinical-grade benefits.


Epillo’s DTx (based on its patent-pending innovations) monitor, predicts, manages, and prevents in real-time:

●        Drug-Food constituent interactions

●        Drug-Drug constituent interactions

Through a patient-facing mobile application and a set of clinical tools for Clinicians to monitor and analyze Interaction and Pharmacological (Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic) profile change data of drugs in the cases of co-administration of drug-food constituents and drug-drug constituents.

There are undesirable pharmacological effects in a consumer of prescription drugs that are often triggered by the drug interactions either amongst themselves or with the food that the patient intakes. Also, the effects of any drugs can be slowed down by the consumption of specific foods that block or change their absorption capacities ie. Change in Pharmacokinetic or Pharmacodynamic profile of a drug. A drug is administered to efficaciously provide medical aid, However, this efficacy can be altered when such drug is co-administered with another drug or consumed together with certain food components. It is estimated that approximately 48% to 50% of the European, as well as the American population, are already under medical supervision or a clinical prescription for some of the other medical ailments or health concerns, giving Epillo’s Blockchain-based DTx a wider userbase than any other Digital Healthcare Technology.

Epillo Health Systems believes that Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way patients own and control their Health Data, and the way healthcare stakeholders manage, secure, and share patient data.

‘’The adoption of the Blockchain distributed ledger methodology in Epillo’s DTx solutions will create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security for healthcare stakeholders, offering an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity while giving patients more control over their own data in healthcare applications’’ said Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Chairman for Epillo board.

Focusing on Aiding Millions around the world, The Potential Market userbase of Epillo's set of Blockchain-based Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx) is projected to reach potential 160 MN people on regular therapeutic Prescription drugs in the USA ( 48.4 % of the total population of the USA, Source: U.S Department of Health and Human Service) and 217 Million people on regular therapeutic prescription drugs in Europe (48.6 % of the total population of Europe, Source: Eurostat), totaling 377 MN users in Europe and the USA alone, and it’s allied clinical solutions reaching potential 950,000 clinicians in the USA and potential 1.7 Million clinicians in Europe, totaling 2.65 Million Clinicians in Europe and the USA alone.

“We plan to launch our blockchain-based Digital Therapeutics (DTx) patient-facing application and clinical solutions for the world wherein almost fifty percent of us are on regular therapeutic prescription plans, projected as Epillo’s potential users. Going forward doctors will be able to write Epillo’s Digital Therapeutics Mobile application (based on patent-pending innovation) as a DTx prescription along with the pill prescription (Rx) to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the prescribed drug for the patient” said Aasif Shah, CEO for Epillo.

Epillo’s Digital Therapeutic Devices (DTx) and its mobile application can be used by people on regular or frequent prescriptions. These devices may enhance the patient’s current therapy while creating clinical data points for the doctor/healthcare provider. Hence it can enhance the benefit of the drug by alarming, informing, or alerting certain food items through its easy features and by warning on serious food-drug and drug-drug interactions and can align or manage a user’s food patterns.

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