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Improved muscular skeletal health improves QOL

Dr Manish Baviskar discusses the importance of good muscular skeletal health and how it improves the overall quality of life

Published: Mar 23, 2022 02:32:14 PM IST

Improved muscular skeletal health improves QOLMaintaining Health is very crucial aspect of life as it offers proper mobility through which individual can actively participate in every task of his life. This can be achieved by doing regular physical activity in form of various kinds of exercises through which we can control various other diseases. Lack of proper physical activity on daily basis not only affect muscular skeletal health but can also cause non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.   

Sedentary lifestyle has impacted the overall quality of life of all individuals of each & every age group affecting overall health of an individual. This sedentary lifestyle also affects childhood leading to obesity and the risk of developing different diseases later in life. It has been advised that regular exercises not only helps in maintenance of good muscular skeletal health but also keeps other conditions in control.  Ageing & Health Conditions are directly proportional to each other as there is increase in age various muscular deformities & risk of non-communicable diseases also increases, exercise is the only solution to control all the conditions associated with increasing age. In order to combat this well Balanced Nutrition Diet, Medicine & regular exercise are the three MANTRAS of having good quality of life.

So, let’s take a step and enjoy the good quality of life. The video is an overall bouquet which will ensure as well as offer improved health & quality of life.   

Issued in Public Interest by Dr.Reddy's Laboratories LTD

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