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In crypto knowledge is power

ZebPay is not just a crypto exchange platform but also a hotbed for "learning" the trade through its innovative and informative blogs and videos

Published: Jan 31, 2022 06:47:21 PM IST
Updated: Jan 31, 2022 06:53:27 PM IST

In crypto knowledge is powerWhether you are a novice, professional or a geek, you must be wondering what on earth is going on in the crypto-sphere. The price of Bitcoin, the most popular digital asset is half of what it was in the recent past. Other popular ones such as Ethereum, Cardano, Avalanche and Solana have plummeted too.

Some investors may be tempted to book their losses or shun their belief in the segment. And yet this is exactly the moment that separates the uninformed and speculative lot from the ones who have bothered to read, research and trust the fundamentals of the reputed assets that matter.

One can’t fault the regular investor who may doubt a system that has such wild gyrations. But if you are someone who doesn’t rely on “tips” or in the quest to “time the market”, and focuses on solid factual information, crypto assets is a reliable long term bet. But how would you know that?

One word: Read. Trusted sources such as ZebPay, among the oldest crypto exchanges in the country, publish articles, blogs and videos periodically to keep the reader abreast of what is happening in the segment. The information is not meant to influence the investor’s decision and by no means is financial advice. However, it provides the relevant nuggets and facts that allows readers to make their own decision.

For instance, take the most recent post on “The Z Blog” about Goldman Sachs’ claim that Bitcoin may hit $100k at some point. Indeed the headline-grabbing article also clarifies that the movement won’t be a meteoric one but “will happen gradually with the broader adoption of digital assets”.

The story also goes on to compare how the firm has changed its vote on BTC, which wasn't considered as an asset class in 2021. Today, the firm reckons that the digital asset may take market share from gold.

Keen observers will reflect upon the fact that the article does not sensationalise the subject but offers a measured response by providing solid sources, including assessments from analysts, economists and experts.

There is a little something for those interested in technology as well. Take the post on Hedera Hashgraph that was published earlier this month. It talks about how an alternative to the blockchain uses the Hashgraph algorithm “to process and finalise transactions” at a faster speed than the conventional “Proof of work network”. The piece explains how the whole thing works with relevant facts, figures and diagrams.

The website also hosts a dedicated section that contains video explainers for those who are starting out in the area. Subjects such as security, technological advancements, new breakthroughs and myths versus facts about crypto assets are explained in a manner that one can easily understand. Subscribe to news outlets and blogs like these instead of relying on misinformation and rumour-mongering on social media.

In any field, be it sports, science, technology or finance, it is the knowledge of the industry that commands a premium. Those who are interested in learning the trade and knowing the basics, have a head start over the uninitiated. Join that eclectic group rather than jumping on the bandwagon. To quote from ZebPay’s learning portal, “When it comes to crypto, with great power comes great economic incentive. And, in the world of crypto, this power is the power of knowledge.”

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