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Kyle Kane, Part Artist - Part Scientist: A Profile of the Post-Pandemic Entrepreneur

Kyle's passion and hard work have easily translated into his success with stellar client satisfaction rates

Published: Aug 19, 2020 02:32:02 PM IST

Kyle Kane, Part Artist - Part Scientist: A Profile of the Post-Pandemic Entrepreneur
Kyle Kane is an accomplished creator and producer, TEDx speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur. His latest venture, 180 South, ranked on Inc. Magazine's prestigious Inc. 500 List, taking the 13th spot for the Fastest Growing Company in America, and the 24th in Global Marketing and Advertising. Fueled by his philosophy of success, Kyle is working hard to continue to improve himself and his craft.

"To compete in today's modern business climate, you have to stay lean and mean; what this often results in is an effort to automate as much as possible," he shares. A misstep that Kyle noticed early on was the tendency of early-stage entrepreneurs to outsource everything. This type of agency mentality can be detrimental to the business, value proposition, and ultimately, sense of life satisfaction.

Kyle adds, "See, there are thousands of companies that look bright and shiny, with plenty of capital and gas in the tank, but nothing under the hood. You have to bring something unique to the table that you can contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Provide as much value as you can. Be the battery; or better yet, be the engine!"

As the founder and CEO of his latest venture, 180 South Group, Kyle oversaw the multimodal marketing and production efforts of his respective teams. He also worked with several clients who belong to an elite group of the world's premier artists and brands. After producing ten 2-hour broadcasts which aired live on CBS, followed by major pop culture events for the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl, Kyle turned his focus to more philanthropic efforts, founding The Mothers Ball, an annual event celebrating every woman’s capacity to advocate for herself, her family, and her community. Assisting his clients to reach their goals, Kyle remains fueled by adapting and infusing his life philosophies with business acumen, allowing him to persevere and innovate new content for distribution outlets while simultaneously solving some of the most critical issues facing our world today.

He is currently leading the charge at Beyond Pacific, focusing on developing real solutions for problems plaguing industries ranging from consumer products to world governments. This work includes new strategies, designs, and finance modeling for personal protective equipment (PPE) such as nano face masks and nitrile gloves, as well as addressing sustainable energy concerns, social justice reform, women’s rights, and climate change through original music and film, world class soundstages, and live events produced with the intention of expanding the depth of human experience. This provides a glimpse into what makes a successful post-pandemic entrepreneur: talent, breadth, and resilience.

Kyle's sterling reputation and business ability are furthered by his belief that one should only do work in line with one's passions. He believes that only when work is aligned with passion can contentment with the time spent working be achieved. "It's easy to be numb to what you're doing in the name of the paper chase, doing work just because it pays well. You need to look favorably upon the work to which you've dedicated yourself," he says. “We must be mindful that the work we do becomes the legacy that we leave.”

Having been in the industry for a notable period, Kyle is working at his own pace, to his rhythm, and doing a job he cares about with the people he loves. He remains open to possibilities and chooses not to look into the future but focus on the present. Kyle's passion and hard work have easily translated into his success with stellar client satisfaction rates, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Presently working hard to troubleshoot world issues, Kyle remains fearless in his personal and business decisions. We are, as he defines, “...only a ball of energy driving a meat-covered skeleton while floating on a rock through space.” So Kyle asks, "What is there to really be afraid of?"

Kyle credits his mom and strong family upbringing as his driving force, as well as his fiance, Cali, as the person whom he most relies upon. Kyle has studied with both eastern and western philosophers and spiritual organizations, which have served as the foundation for his personal philosophies. When asked, there are a multitude of critical businesses which support the foundation of his success, including Beyond Pacific, Bravias Financial, Areu Bros. Studios, Bequest Management, Ethical Traders, Live & United, Copper Universal, and 180 South Group, to name a few.

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