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Maximize value creation by leveraging managed hybrid cloud

TCS Enterprise Cloud full-stack services are designed to deliver modernized managed hybrid cloud solutions that can support agile innovation and cloud nativity, helping enterprises adapt to evolving requirements

Published: Sep 6, 2023 03:49:02 PM IST
Updated: Sep 6, 2023 05:39:29 PM IST

Maximize value creation by leveraging managed hybrid cloudSatishchandra Doreswamy, Vice President & Global Head - TCS Enterprise Cloud

Enterprises worldwide are endeavoring to transform digitally and maximize business value. To achieve this, they are extensively leveraging the vast technology spectrum, including cloud computing. Cloud has emerged as a crucial enabler of business transformation, prompting organizations to adopt a cloud-first approach to accelerate their digital journeys. Today, enterprises are aware of the pressing need to harness cloud-native technologies to enhance operational efficiency, enrich customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.

As enterprises adopt the cloud, they expect their technology partner to provide tangible differentiation in addition to cloud services, such as cloud-native development, cloud orchestration, DevSecOps, site reliability engineering (SRE), addressing data sovereignty/data residency needs, and enabling the transparent cost of ownership through FinOps.

Managed hybrid cloud – the way forward

While the cloud has been recognized as a business enabler, enterprises have also understood the significance of having a robust and balanced cloud strategy to maximize business value. Each enterprise cloud journey is unique and contextually aligned to their business strategy, and hence the chosen cloud strategy should have the capability to reflect the same.

Managed hybrid cloud strategy, along with application modernization, has become the preferred choice for most enterprises as it offers the right balance for IT (architecture, modernization, security, operations, and governance). Managed hybrid cloud creates a unified experience across heterogenous environments, retaining cloud-native attributes, such as scalability, agility, and resiliency. It also lays the foundation for adopting next-gen technologies, such as AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), Edge Computing, Industry Cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to name a few.

Industry Cloud – a new frontier

With the convergence of business and IT, enterprises are looking for a technology platform that is contextualized to their industry and can provide an interoperable technology abstraction environment with the right security controls. Moreover, no two industry verticals are identical as each has its distinct objectives, values, complexities, and challenges. Thus, the chosen platform requires deep contextualization.

Industry Cloud fills this void by vertically integrating the needs of such industries and enabling highly customized industry-specific business operations, such as data models, legal and regulatory compliances, security, and workflows. Industry Cloud strengthens the business core through IT strategy alignment with domains. A unifying approach that enterprises can leverage for a holistic industry cloud adoption is Enterprise-as-a-Service (EaaS), which can cater to specific industrial needs with its bespoke capabilities.

Managed hybrid cloud can help enterprises integrate Industry Cloud solutions as an additional solution into the existing cloud ecosystem by enabling the required security features, an interoperable ecosystem for data access with privacy controls, compliance with data sovereignty, and data residency requirements.

Introducing TCS Enterprise Cloud: Accelerating innovation and resilience

TCS Enterprise Cloud full-stack services are designed to deliver modernized managed hybrid cloud solutions that can support agile innovation and cloud nativity, helping enterprises adapt to evolving requirements. Its service portfolio includes Cloud Assessment, Cloud Foundation (IaaS), Cloud Modernization (PaaS), and TCS Industry Solutions on TCS Enterprise Cloud. TCS Enterprise Cloud is deployed globally across nine countries and enables customers to offload IT management and focus on their core business and innovation.
About TCS Enterprise Cloud and Intel

Intel and TCS have a deep collaboration. TCS is working with Intel to leverage the new 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with built-in accelerators for an additional performance boost.

We look forward to co-creating many more innovative solutions that harness TCS’s domain expertise and Intel’s technology leadership to help our customers realize their digital transformation goals faster.

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