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Meet Moe Rock - The maverick of media

Moe Rock on the holistic approach to leading in business

Published: Oct 19, 2020 11:05:51 AM IST
Updated: Oct 20, 2020 10:11:10 PM IST

Meet Moe Rock - The maverick of media
Few industries are changing as fast as the world of media. Today’s spotlight on one of the emerging leaders of a generation highlights this fact - What was once a very simple to understand space has now become complex, complicated and convoluted. While many professionals in that field have found themselves lost,fading and dying off, a new breed of leaders is stepping in to help the industry adapt to changing times. Moe Rock is one of those new leaders, in an industry where the term “dinosaur” is often applied to those at the helm, what inevitably happens when one generation succumbs to changes (or an asteroid to be metaphoric) new talent rises to the top of the pyramid. This new breed of modern day “Ted Turners” is adapting to the world of social media and bridging that gap between traditional and the new.

As the leader of The Los Angeles Tribune, a well known and historic news agency that has a history of over one century Moe Rock made it his personal challenge to take this well established brand that was part of a dying breed of newspapers and mold, adapt and change it to survive the death of the newspaper industry which has seen many historic names fall into oblivion as consumers shift to digital means of news consumption. While most people would avoid an industry that is seemingly collapsing, Moe Rock and his team dove head first. He has taken the historic brand and turned the focus primarily digital, started a branch of video news and started community outreach programs under the umbrella of the company to expand the traditional viewpoint of what a news agency can and should do. Last month the Los Angeles Tribune team held a leadership summit which brought together some of the top thought leaders of the world to do a deep dive over two full days with over 20,000 people tuning in live on the first day (the equivalent of a sold out staples center) to discover what it means to lead their lives financially, physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually. This established the Los Angeles Tribune as not just a newspaper and news agency but also an important name in the personal and business development space.

This is something we have never seen before from any of the other well known news agencies, not the New York Times not the Washington Post and not any other outlet. Coming together to create a community service to uplift, inspire and change the world for tens of thousands of people is something unique to the Los Angeles Tribune and is a testament to the new direction that the brand is heading towards with the current leadership.

In addition to being the Publisher of The Los Angeles Tribune he has also released a new best selling book (which went #1 on Amazon’s self help short reads category) about leadership principles. Earlier this year - Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global featured some principles from his book to their global audience of tens of millions. One of the underlying concepts that Moe Rock teaches not just in his live events but also consistently in his book is the concept of “Gratitude” here is an excerpt from that feature that summarizes it clearly:

Begin to think about the underlying thought that must be present to be ungrateful. To lack gratitude, you must believe that your situation is permanent and “as good as it gets.” Think about it…if you KNEW your current situation was temporary, and that new results and goodness were on their way, you would not be ungrateful — you would be excitedly anticipating the future. Wouldn’t you?

What we can clearly see is that there is a deeply holistic nature to the way in which Moe Rock leads not just his life but also his business. We would like to take a chance for you, the reader of this article to examine and analyze if gratitude is a part of the way in which you are going about your business. This inward inquiry will help you “Moe Rock” your leadership skills.

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