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Mohammad Sheikh Suliman: Angel investor ascends Arabian horse World Championship

Mohammad established his horse stud under the name of Al Sheikh Stud

Published: Aug 17, 2020 12:47:44 PM IST
Updated: Aug 17, 2020 05:47:51 PM IST

Mohammad Sheikh Suliman: Angel investor ascends Arabian horse World Championship
Back in 1994, Mohammad Sheikh Suliman took his first breath on 14th April in Nazareth, Israel. Sheikh is a successful businessman, philanthropist, and horse breeder. His father, Bassem Al Sheikh, is by profession a high-school headteacher and has an experience of managing a Nazarene football club, Maccabi Ahi Nazareth, for more than a decade. That makes him the first Arab to enter the board of Israeli Football Association too. Sheikh’s mother, Sanaa, comes from a wealthy family of a small village dwelling in the Northern district called Tamrah. Suliman’s elder brother, Amjad, is currently offering his services at Mezrahi – Tefahot Bank, as a manager. It is the same place where the rest of his siblings are running their businesses too. 

Mohammad attended the Franciscan Convent & Highschool. Sheikh Suliman excelled in a couple of courses like Mathematics and Physics, for which he also won prizes. Sheikh, an all-rounder as a student, was always keen to be a part of the talented youth summer camp and consequently participated in the Brilliant Youth Center. He graduated from school with flying colors in the Bagrut examinations. Mohammad, looking at greater opportunities, dropped out of college in his sophomore year to complete his project. He recruited four of his high school classmates, and they started working together. Three years later, Mohammad made his first exit. Sheikh Suliman is known as a successful entrepreneur who started his business career from quite a young age. By the time he completed 23 years of his life, Sheikh had already set up his real estate firm named Al Sheikh Real Estate company.

In 2016, Mohammad established his horse stud under the name of Al Sheikh Stud, via which he has left a mark on the Arab Horses field.

Suliman is of the Arab descent, and he happens to be a man who has proven himself as an individual in many fields. Sheikh’s journey to success started as he made the first start-up exit that eventually led him to establish one of the best horse studs in the region.

Since it first established in 2016, Al Sheikh Horse Stud has fastly gained international recognition, winning world championships in Paris and all across Europe.

Al Sheikh Horse Stud has enjoyed great success across Europe and the Middle East, and it is in Paris where Mohammed Al Sheikh’s horses have dominated. Al Sheikh Stud was off to meteoric rise, winning silver in its first year and championship in 2018 with the mare equator and recently the filly Algamra who dominated the championship and won the title of the World Horse Champion for the year 2019. That made Mohammad Sheikh Suliman the first-ever young person to win the World Horse Championship twice in a row.

Mohammed Al Sheikh, with his dedication and passion for the Arabian horse breed, has made Al Sheikh Stud become an internationally recognized farm and one that enjoys international success.

Al Sheikh has contributed millions of dollars to the field of education by making generous donations and grants to several schools and organizations. His donations have gone mostly towards fellowships and scholarships for financially unstable students in the fields of engineering and computer sciences, especially to the well-deserving Arab students in Israeli universities. He is also a sponsor for more than ten organizations and a lot of other national charities such as Akim - an organization for people with intellectual disabilities.

Sheikh Suliman runs annual donation campaigns, one of which is called Sufficiency. The mentioned campaign provides needy families with unlimited supplies, food, and beverages. The unique feature of this campaign is that it does not stop unless no more need resides. 

Sheikh worked on external business ventures and investments In 2017. Al Sheikh Real Estate started working on major projects that began by building and renovating hotels and expanding the brand's footprint in different cities like Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. From 2015 to 2020, Sheikh invested in a variety of firms such as Chocolate, Cheese, and Wine production companies.  He recently made a significant investment in a medical cannabis company that advances the world's perception of cannabis by focusing on research, product development, and innovative production capability. 

By owning Odin Media, Al Sheikh Real Estate, Dates production and trading, and Al Sheikh Stud, Mohammad Sheikh Suliman decided to establish a conglomerate parent company under the name Al Sheikh Group that owns all the other subsidiaries. 


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