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Motivated by fear of being average: The story of Andreas Vezonik - the emerging Fin-Tech entrepreneur the world must know more about

With his innovative & intelligent provision of financial services to his clients worldwide, Vezonik is taking the industry by storm

Published: Jul 8, 2020 04:19:10 PM IST

Motivated by fear of being average: The story of Andreas Vezonik - the emerging Fin-Tech entrepreneur the world must know more about
Many markets & industries have realized their growth opportunities in recent years & they credit it to mostly the younger brigade who has come forward to offer their intelligence, smartness, state of the art ideas, newer concepts, etc. Industries today are well aware of the fact that it is the latest generation that can bring about a wave of enormous change in the ocean of entrepreneurship concerning almost all industry spheres. Another youngster marking his name in the list of emerging business personalities is Andreas Vezonik. Very few have the intellect to work in the financial sphere with continuous churning of innovative ideas that can develop & grow a field to greater heights & Vezonik has proved his mettle just at 23, who has been able to seize all the knowledge & aspects of the field & have even mastered them all at this young age.

Born in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1996, and growing up in a humble family background with an upbringing just like any other kid, Vezonik always dreamt of achieving bigger in life & so at only 17 he entered the world of network marketing to give it a shot & to see how he can excel at it. Initially, he started to work for some health product companies & then life took a turn for him & placed him into the vast industry of banking & finance where he became a part of a European corporation that provided basic financial services. The young mind realized his skills & passion for the same & understood what his true calling was. He spread his wings in the European market to provide financial services to nearly 25,000 clients which resulted in making sales of $25,000,000. This acted as a 360 degrees change in his career, but the one that proved to be the most beneficial for him & that which took him towards entrepreneurship.

The fearlessness of Vezonik & his courage to go only upwards & onwards in life made him take a very crucial decision of his career & that was to build his own company in the financial industry. Hence, in the year 2018, he co-founded his first company named "VolumeX" (http://volumex.io) along with two of his business partners. The company offers cryptocurrency and forex trading education. In a short span, the company scored high success making its dominance felt in 35 countries and constructing a customer base of 15,000.

As soon as Vezonik realized his potential & the exponential growth of VolumeX, the very next year he initiated his second venture called "Transfera" (https://transferaapp.com). This company built by Vezonik acts as an all-encompassing solution that offers an extensive range of services to its clients including cryptocurrency exchange, issuing IBAN accounts & debit cards, wallet services, and many other things. Because of these contemporary services, Transfera has attained the status of one of the Europe's first regulated entities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Transfera is also remarkable in equipping clients with only one login for taking care of all their online work, including all the products like debit card, exchange, and payment account. It is unique from its competitors because it offers faster & cheaper money transfers & charges low fees for cryptocurrency exchanges.

With his financially rewarding businesses, Vezonik stands tall with being the CEO & CFO of both of his ventures that promises to go far beyond the conventional ideas & concepts in the financial market & provide its clients nothing but ease & convenience with its urbane financial solutions. The dynamic entrepreneur also aims to attain about a million customers by the year 2022.

To know more about this powerhouse of talent & visionary like Vezonik, check out his Instagram handle here - https://www.instagram.com/andiveze

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