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Nidarshana Gowani- making her mark in a male-dominated space

Nidarshana Gowani is proving how a woman can prove her mettle irrespective of the challenges that pull her down

Published: Dec 27, 2022 05:32:37 PM IST
Updated: Dec 30, 2022 03:59:53 PM IST

Ms Nidarshana gowani the managing director of real estate and power generation plant for Kamala group of industries.

In times when women are trying hard to break glass ceilings and prove their mettle in multiple fields, there are still numerous invisible forces that pull them down. Life and family commitments, fierce competition, preferential treatment, and patriarchy are just some of the barriers on their way. However, some women hustle and make their way through the multitude of hindrances. Ms Nidarshana Gowani, the managing director of real estate and power generation plant for Kamala group of industries, is one such woman who has proven that a woman can do anything that she makes up her mind for. She has also launched a successful brand ‘Vanvas’. She also runs the company, multi verse talent of India, that promotes talents across the entertainment industry. Nidarshana is among the richest people in India and is revered for her contribution to the business. Her efforts as the owner of Kamala industries are an inspiration for women who wish to make their mark in the world of entrepreneurship.

Family businesses are often associated with generational wealth. However, the efforts of people in driving positions often go unnoticed. Ms Gowani has dedicated over a decade of her life to taking Kamala industries where it is today. What is even more commendable is that real estate, power generation, cloth manufacturing and other businesses are major fields where men have been reigning without competition. Very few women have set their feet in these waters and even fewer have created a distinguished identity. Ms Gowani is one of those women. She has worked hard to shatter gender stereotypes and built a reputation for being a woman of steel.

While her entrepreneurial achievements are worth mentioning, her work as a philanthropist deserves applause. She has not let her success serve just her and her family, but has extended the privilege to the downtrodden. Her portfolio of achievements at barely 42 years of age speaks of her grit and commitment and also of her family background. Born to humble and highly qualified parents, Nidarshana had public service as a primary portion of her upbringing. Ms Gowani recently remarked that her parents motivated her to try her hands at things she liked and instilled confidence and independence in her. Her value system reflects in her work. Also, her grandparents were instrumental in the freedom struggle. Her grandfather was the winner of the prestigious Padma Bhushan award. It is thus safe to say that Nidarshana inherited her spirit.

As the trustee of Kamala Trust, Ms Nidarshana has taken up a multitude of initiatives for the underprivileged. These include equality initiatives for transgenders, poverty alleviation efforts, events in institutions for the blind, essentials distribution during the pandemic, building of temples and dharamshalas, women empowerment initiatives, healthcare camps, HPV vaccination drives for girls, felicitation ceremonies for police personnel, support for widows of defence personnel, stray animal care, support for cancer patients and survivors, talent recognition and motivation initiatives and a lot more.

She has recently taken the trend charts by storm by dominating discussions across the internet. Her team’s work during the pandemic has been widely appreciated. They offered a roof to stranded people and also distributed groceries and other essentials. Her offbeat initiatives such as helmet distribution for police personnel, fashion shows for the underprivileged, toilet construction, etc. have received immense recognition. Nidarshana has started Kamala power women awards to support and felicitate women for their commitment and work.

She is also known for her courageous approach, confidence and never quit attitude. This attitude and spirit date back to her childhood when she was actively involved in school and college-level events. Her leadership skills were also evident with her assuming the presidency of the JC youth wing club. A girl achieving such a feat in those times was rare.

Ms Gowani credits her desire to keep learning as the reason for her success. She started her journey in the world of business by learning the nuances of real estate and construction businesses. This included learning about accounts, bookkeeping and legal aspects. Over the years, this approach has helped her grow by leaps and bounds. She also credits her husband Mr Ramesh Gowani for supporting her throughout her journey and teaching her aspects of business.

Nidarshana’s story is a story of thorough business and life ethics that have paved the way for her business success and philanthropic goals. She is an inspiration for women everywhere and has the potential to transform the future for women in male-dominated businesses.

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