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Pankaj Jain, delivering exceptional business solutions digitally

"Our customer-centric focus to maximize the value of customer's platform investments have been the brand driver for us" - Pankaj Jain

Published: Dec 28, 2020 03:38:37 PM IST
Updated: Dec 28, 2020 04:54:28 PM IST

Pankaj Jain, delivering exceptional business solutions digitally
Aaseya IT Services Pvt. Ltd is a global service and solutions organization focused on delivering exceptional business outcomes for Pega and Outsystems customers in their digital transformation initiatives. With 55+ successful customer engagements, 300+ Pega consultants, 38 certified Lead systems architects, and recognition as a Pega Gold Partner globally with strategic partnerships in multiple geographies across the world.

The highly regarded global Low-Code specialist and an expert in Low-Code Platforms' agile delivery, with a cost-effective global delivery model, is under the able supervision of Pankaj Jain, CEO, Aaseya. The company is among the most distinguished fastest-growing Pega partners globally.  The executive leadership team led by the CEO has extensive experience and expertise in the LCNC and RPA arenas, ensuring that Aaseya is among a handful of companies trusted to deliver complex engagements in any geography successfully.


Pankaj Jain is also the founding partner of Aaseya IT Services Pvt. Ltd, he incubated Aaseya three years ago with a clear vision to emerge as the leading value-centric Low Code No Code (LCNC) services provider in the Industry. He is a visionary and strategist with more than two decades of working closely with clients globally and helping them realize value from their IT investments. He is highly regarded for his strong leadership skills, ability to drive strategic business plans, and excellent organizational skills. He has personally steered large solutioning and implementation teams and orchestrated many successful transformation projects globally across BFSI, Telecom, Retail, and Manufacturing domains.


The global business landscape is evolving rapidly with changing end-user preferences, disruption across industries, and fast-changing demographics. Given the accelerating need for organizations to digitally transform themselves, the LCNC and automation markets experience massive growth. In the last couple of years, LCNC has pivoted from being used as a development platform for departmental solutions to the one used to develop complex and scalable enterprise-wide solutions.

As a new entrant in a rapidly growing and evolving marketplace, the critical challenge for Pankaj was to provide customers the confidence to trust in the company’s abilities to develop business-centric solutions that would drive their enterprise value. Once organizations perceived the value delivered and realized that they were agile, flexible, and nimble while ensuring quality, adoption was quick.


Revolution is the paradigm shift most times disruptive, which upends how a specific aspect has been working. In the technology world, rapid changes in the landscape with the emergence of new technologies, approaches, and methodologies are becoming commonplace.  LCNC technologies, for example, are disrupting the world of application development in significant ways, with many Industry analysts highlighting it as a revolutionary change that all stakeholders need to adapt to.

“We have been aggressive in growing our presence and showcasing the value that we drive. We have continually challenged ourselves and delivered challenging assignments and rescue projects. Our customer-centric focus and mission to maximize the value of customer's platform investments have been and will continue to be the principal brand driver for us” states Pankaj.


Tectonic shifts have shaped the evolution and development of the IT Industry. IT has moved center-stage from a support function and is now the operational and strategic pivot for businesses and government entities. The increasing importance for IT can deliver has accentuated with the digital revolution sweeping the world.  Everything about IT has changed as well – Infrastructure, Applications, Networks, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Data Analytics. What IT has to deliver has changed as well – with experience management becoming pivotal. Innovation and Transformation are no longer buzz words – they are the essence of what is expected from critical initiatives. Every segment of the IT Industry – Services, Software, Infrastructure, and more has transformed completely.

“We are incredibly proud of the way we have grown and differentiate ourselves from our competition. Our customers have reposed their trust in our Low Code No Code and RPA/RDA capabilities repeatedly, and our employees have worn our brand with a positive attitude. We are happy with the way we have made a mark for us in this fiercely competitive Industry” affirms Pankaj.

Today, Aaseya is one of the fastest-growing PEGA partners in the world. And that has been made possible by the employees' hard work and the overarching vision outlined by the leadership team. They are also proud of how their customers value their strategic partners and acknowledge contributions to their growth.


IT Industry is one of the most-competitive yet exciting industries to be in. The technology ecosystem evolves rapidly, fueling aggressive expectations from customers, employees, suppliers, and industry stakeholders. Therefore, striking a balance between expectations of value and actual outcomes is among the most challenging tasks for the Industry.

Pankaj further added, “I am a hardcore technology enthusiast and a firm believer in doing things differently. Robust and unequivocal support from my team, our focus on value-centric delivery, and customers who repose their trust in us (even during times of crisis) have been vital in our success. For instance, when the pandemic struck, we adapted ourselves to meet the challenges head-on and ensured that no deadline or milestone was missed.”


Some of the most important decisions that Pankaj has taken in his leadership role have been because he has been a part of a high-quality counsel from the parent organization, YASH technologies, and others in the Aaseya leadership team. They share and endorse the vision which he has for Aaseya. As the leader of Aaseya, his most significant responsibility is towards the customers and employees. He spends a lot of time dialoguing with customers and employees to identify the opportunities for improvement.  Ensuring that our customers are happy and realize value and employees are well taken care of is essential. Most important decisions are focused on these two aspects of having like-minded colleagues and customers.

Pankaj emphasizes, “We have a strong culture of respecting and valuing the contributions of individual employees. We actively encourage and enable employees to be innovative in their approach to design thinking workshops, creativity sessions, etc. Aaseya/Yash's business strategy allows us to invest in qualitative and quantitative research solutions to design, develop, and improve our internal processes, deliverables, and services to our clients. We have created tools, assets, and accelerators for continuous improvement of service and product levels. We have invested in creating Centers of Excellence in Digital Process Automation, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Robotics Process Automation.  With all these elements in-house and the freedom to learn, the creative thinking process gets imbibed across all aspects.”


Pankaj, the CEO, shares some of his best advice with the readers. He believes that one should arrive at a highly differentiated positioning and then go to market, start small & expand with care, and leverage Lean Management techniques while focusing on ensuring profitability at the same time taking care of customer's expectations.

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