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Revolutionizing healthcare with cloud: Industry stalwarts share insights on the future of healthcare at the Transforming a Billion Lives Conclave

To raise awareness about technology's role in driving better healthcare, on 25th April 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the "Transforming a Billion Lives" virtual conclave

Published: Apr 28, 2023 07:25:40 PM IST
Updated: Apr 29, 2023 12:26:08 PM IST

Revolutionizing healthcare with cloud: Industry stalwarts share insights on the future of healthcare at the Transforming a Billion Lives ConclaveIn today's world, where technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, the healthcare system is not far behind. The healthcare industry is one of the most critical sectors that requires constant innovation and advancement.

With the rising population and increased demand for quality and affordable healthcare, there is an urgent need for digitizing the healthcare system. Several problems plague the healthcare industry, including a shortage of nursing staff and trained doctors in rural areas, scarcity of hospital beds, inadequate healthcare quality, and limited access to healthcare infrastructure. Digitization can be crucial in addressing these challenges and improving the healthcare ecosystem.

To raise awareness about technology's role in driving better healthcare, on 25th April 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel hosted the "Transforming a Billion Lives" virtual conclave. The grandiose conclave brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to discuss how technology can be leveraged to address the challenges faced by the healthcare industry and ultimately transform the lives of billions of people.

The conclave featured a range of sessions and panel discussions covering topics including emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in improving the healthcare ecosystem and making healthcare accessible for all, especially the rural areas.

Thought leaders from diverse backgrounds and organizations - such as Dr. Anil Muniyappa, Head - Healthcare Transformation, Cloud4C; Koustubh Naik, Co-founder & Director, Periwinkle Technologies; Mudit Dandwate, CEO & Co-Founder, Dozee; Nrip Nihalani, Director - Product Management & International Marketing, Plus91 Technologies; Sohit Kapoor, Co-founder, Driefcase; and Veena Moktali, Chief Executive Officer, Periwinkle Technologies - shared their insights, experiences, and best practices. The sessions highlighted the potential of technology to transform the healthcare industry and address the challenges faced by the sector.

Shalini Kapoor, Director & Chief Technologist WWPS, AWS shared, "One of the most interesting case studies is the technology architecture in the Co-WIN vaccination platform that was developed in record time. Building on AWS, enabled Co-WIN to achieve  the scalability, modularity, and interoperability needed; and Co-WIN has emerged as the first-of-its-kind open-source code platform for global adoption, helping billions across the globe."

One of the key takeaways from the conclave was the importance of collaboration between technology companies and healthcare organizations to drive innovation and improve healthcare response. The conclave also highlighted the need for data privacy and security in healthcare, as well as the ethical considerations surrounding the use of data cloud and other emerging technologies to make healthcare more accessible and inclusive for all, especially in rural areas.

According to Sunil PP, Lead - Education, Space, NPOs, Channels & Alliances, AWS, “Many healthcare ISVs and solution providers are leveraging AWS for its reliability and resiliency. ML and analytics are some of the popular areas of focus, with many providers using our ML modeling. Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Transcribe Medical are also seeing growing adoption for database management, transcription, and feature-text capabilities to ensure local language access. Our partners are also using a variety of new AWS services to make their applications more powerful and address last-mile patient requirements in a much faster manner."

The conclave touched upon various aspects of healthcare delivery and the challenges faced in rural areas where affordability is a significant issue. An important potential solution proposed was the use of cloud technology, which could promote collaborative work structures among medical staff and different departments within the health ministry. The interplay between resource scarcity, including human, equipment, and capital was highlighted as a crucial factor influencing the quality of healthcare. Additionally, the cost-benefit analysis of using cloud technology for patient care was discussed, with an emphasis on the potential for timely and efficient treatment delivery.

Akanksha Bilani, Global AWS Biz Dev and GTM Director, Intel, spoke about the growing importance of cloud in healthcare, "Many innovations powered by AWS have Intel optimization baked into their goodness. Intel's mission is to build cutting-edge technology that's impacting the lives of every citizen on Earth, and India is no exception. There is an incredible amount of potential for us to see how technology can drive impact, especially in the world of healthcare. From databases to deployment, the cloud is healthcare's answer to the most cost-effective and scalable experience." Overall, leveraging cloud technology in healthcare is seen as a promising approach to address various challenges and enhance the quality of care provided.

Samarth Mason, Business Development Leader – Healthcare, Public Sector, AWS India Private Limited, shared his view on the adoption of cloud in India's healthcare sector. "Our focus has always been to work with stakeholders like the government, the Ministry of Health, and National Health Authority, and help them solve problems for citizen impact. Now, a lot of innovations are happening through our partners who are leveraging the AWS cloud-native capabilities and services to build innovative solutions, such as leveraging AWS data lake capabilities to build data analytics, or Amazon Comprehend to build speech-to-text for doctors so that patient health records can be generated at speed, or developing genomic sequencing for virus analysis."

The panelists, including healthcare experts, AWS executives, and technology experts, emphasized the significance of creating sustainable, enduring, technology-driven solutions that can have a lasting positive impact on the healthcare industry. The discussions highlighted the potential of use cases enabled by technology, like teleconsultation, telemedicine, home diagnostics, and tele-ICUs to overcome challenges and improve accessibility.

Experts also emphasized the fact that the above-mentioned efforts, coupled with private sector growth, government initiatives, and increased awareness of the benefits of digitization, can spur the growth of the healthcare sector.

Overall, the "Transforming a Billion Lives" conclave was significant in promoting awareness of how technology can be harnessed to address the pressing challenges faced by the healthcare industry. Through this collaboration between AWS and Intel, the conclave has initiated crucial conversations focused on improving healthcare outcomes for billions of people worldwide.

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