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Story behind the millennial personal care brand- Prolixr

A peek into Prolixr's roller-coaster journey so far

Published: Jun 11, 2020 02:20:36 PM IST
Updated: Jun 12, 2020 10:41:15 AM IST

Story behind the millennial personal care brand- Prolixr
Best friends Jayesh and Aditya were just 22, when they stumbled upon the trending personal care niche on Instagram, while on a walk discussing various business ideas. Quickly, they looped Mayur into the idea. Mayur has been Jayesh’s former partner in Unzag Media; a performance marketing agency. All three of them felt that India came up short on a brand which could resonate with millennials and the forthcoming sector of Gen Z.

Beginning a DTC personal care brand was simple for the trio; where Jayesh and Mayur excelled in scaling DTC Brands through their online marketing abilities, whereas Aditya brought in his prior knowledge in the personal care industry accomplished through his family-owned salon business under the brand name 'Cut And Style' with 90+ outlets PAN India.

They bootstrapped the brand in 2017 and launched their first product in the year 2018 namely Detoxifying Sea Algae Face Mask. It took them a year to consummate the product in the wake of experiencing innumerable samples and suppliers to find the ideal formula containing Seaweed Algae, Vitamin C, Activated Charcoal, and Hyaluronic Acid in the right amount. The product assists with detoxifying, brightening and removing pollutants from the skin, causing the skin to feel baby soft and clear.

The Face Mask became a rage in the country. From Influencers to celebrities, everybody contributed to its virality. In around 19 months, the brand has as much as 70,000 clients with stunning reviews and feedback. The product is sold nationwide through their website and on marketplaces like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart and so forth. The brand professes to service 8,000 orders every month online, with an average ticket size of ₹999.

In August, last year, in the wake of seeing the response and input on the product, they propelled a similar mask for Men, so as to increase the market share.

The founders of Prolixr consider the yearly market evaluation and analysis as an absolute must, as they believe every year has its own utilization story to tell. When you compare the needs of customers five years back to now, it is a whole lot of different. Today, everything is about needs and interests-provoking consumerism.

The founders commented that “We have known from the start, the power of the digital medium. Isn't it amazing to follow or buy anything you want, with just a few clicks? We could single motively see the digital medium as a good way to establish our brand and our products. On the basis of our research, we sure made our customer personas, based on their likes, interests amongst many other things derived from the networking platform which helped us to curate the content and modify our image accordingly. Since people are very self-centric knowing the most about themselves, we aimed to create an image that resonates most of our audience groups, resulting in personalized and individualistic branding.” 

Story behind the millennial personal care brand- Prolixr
When it comes to product development in personal care sector, it is a precarious task and Prolixr has had an analytical approach to deal with the conceptualization and advancement of the product. After the complete analysis of all the conceivable outcomes, it becomes a challenge for the team to come to a concise conclusion, the founders claimed.

To narrow down the assessment grids of the product, the founders mentioned that they have been directing group discussions and substantial product feedbacks from a spectrum of customers. They also added that the detailed reviews, surveys and discussions have been aiming to cover all sides of customer preferences inclinations. “This type of analysis not only gives us an exceptional advantage over the other brands in the personal care industry but also helps us to build a brand image that aligns our products with customers.” said Jayesh Hans.

“We would want to stick to the DTC approach for now, as there are quite a few unexplored areas with a lot of scope, which is expected to rise even more post- COVID,” jointly said the founders of the brand.

The founders are currently stepping forward with the presentation of new products in the personal care fragment, intending to continue delivering new premium quality products to their customers.

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