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Know how Argyle saves money and time by reducing human error from Shmulik Fishman

Argyle helps to auto-populate applications

Published: Jun 11, 2020 01:18:45 PM IST
Updated: Jun 11, 2020 05:46:12 PM IST

Know how Argyle saves money and time by reducing human error from Shmulik Fishman
Normally, getting information about an applicant, requires the user to fill out a long form. From job postings, to loan applications, to new user sign ups users need to deal with long manual data impute. With Argyle, you can generate an auto fill out an application with data sourced from your users employer’s. As your customers sign up for your product or service, manual data input degrades user experience, decreases conversion rate, and leaves room for human error. Argyle provides an automated way to auto complete applications, profiles, and resumes by sourcing verified granular data from platforms and employers.

It is proven that human error increases as the amount of data a person processes increases. For example, if someone is asked to process 100 applications and fill in several individual lines for each application, they might have a typographical error one to two percent of the time. Meaning, in 100 applications processed, they might produce a typographical error in 1 to 2 of these applications. If they were to process 1,000 applications with the same proneness to error, they may produce a typographical error in 10 to 12 applications. For 10,000, 120 to 130 typographical errors, and so on. These errors also become compounded when put within the conditions of time constraints. For example, it’s more likely that there will be more typographical errors in a set of 100 applications if they’re required to be completed in one hour than if they’re required to completed in two. The amount of items per application compounds the possibility of error, and mostly importantly, human fatigue becomes a factor.

One or two small errors might not seem like much, but there’s always a possibility that an avoidable human error could lead to not securing an ideal hire, or that it could lead to the wrong hire. There are certain professional tasks in which human error, though understandable, can become devastating.

Argyle helps to minimize human error by actively filling in items in applications that would typically require research and manual entry, something that requires significant time and is significantly at risk of human error.

In addition to human error, this feature also helps save the most valuable and irreplaceable resource any company has: time. Automated processes that draw from a variety of sources to properly populate an application can save minutes, hours, and days over time compared to manual research and entry, freeing up employees and other human capital for more germane tasks.

This process of time and human-error saving increases conversion rate over time, which helps to optimize the hiring process for any organization.

Why risk human error and lost time and conversion when Argyle is ready and able to help?

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