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The emerging Ed-Tech leader Bishnu Acharya is simplifying english learning in unique way

Vocab Guru was launched in 2019 and has been constantly updating it with new features and content with the evolving market

Published: Jan 6, 2021 03:16:06 PM IST

The emerging Ed-Tech leader Bishnu Acharya is simplifying english learning in unique way
Cracking most competitive exams, performing well at schools, colleges & job interviews or to excel in the professional career, a good command over English language is a necessity. There is lack of organized and effective materials exist in the market for enhancing English & Personality Development skills. And the existing players in this domain are either high priced or using old conventional techniques.

Addressing this problem, Bishnu Acharya founded ‘Vocab Guru’ which is a smart learning platform that provides complete Vocabulary, English learning and Personality Development training for general audience and several courses like GRE, CAT, Bank Po, Govt jobs, College and School students, etc. with amazing, unique audio-visual techniques. These techniques help in bringing a dramatic shift over English command in a fun and engaging way with long term retention in a short duration of time.

"I have a close attachment with Education and achieving academic excellence. I was born in a small town in India and made it to Google at Silicon Valley (USA), but I have faced plenty of obstacles during my journey and always wanted to make an impact on millions of people facing similar issues. I was having great difficulties while achieving my English cut-offs during competitive exams and for job interviews even though I graduated from ‘NIT Warangal’ which is among the top 10 Engineering colleges in India. That intrigued me to resolve this problem and bring a solution and simplify the learning process for millions of students and professionals and they can access it anywhere and anytime they want to accomplish their learning goals in a fun, engaging and smarter way using our unique, innovative, audio-visual techniques with long-term retention," said, Bishnu Acharya

Vocab Guru was launched in 2019 and has been constantly updating it with new features and content with the evolving market.  “We are constantly enhancing our features to provide integrated solutions to our users. We have come across several obstacles and have learned the art of not giving up no matter what. We believe startups never fail, it is the founders or people working on it who give up at some point," he added.

Talking about the Market size & traction he said “It is a huge market of approximately $10 billion and projected to grow at 20 % YoY reaching around $28 billion by 2026. With the Covid-19 hit while it has impacted several businesses, it gave a good boost to the Ed-Tech market. ‘Vocab Guru’ has more than 70,000 mobile App users with over 10,000 Facebook page likes and rated 4.8/5 on google play store. Especially after COVID-19, there has been tremendous growth in our user base, and it has increased to 3 times than before. We have recently partnered with Reliance Jio and will be launching on Jio platforms. With the partnership, they will help us reach over 1 million userbases by mid-2021.”  

Regarding Go to market strategy “Being an analytics professional and having worked for tech giant Google, I have understood how to target customers effectively by detailed targeting by studying the customer trends and behavior and building data models which indicate what are the driving factors for conversion and how the customer retentions can be improved. Our founding team members are alumni of ‘NIT Warangal’ with a mixture of great technical & business expertise that helps us to cope up with the competitive market and we are passionate about bringing change and make a profound impact on the Ed-Tech space.” he further added.

As part of the expansion plan, Vocab Guru is now planning to introduce artificial intelligence and machine learning into their programs to provide customized solutions, adaptive learning for their users as well as live sessions connecting teachers to students across the globe. It is already live with track progress, sectional analysis and showing the top performers as well as the rank where the students stand on the platform.

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