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The entrepreneur with a huge heart to serve

One of the leading entrepreneurs in Cyprus, letting us get in his private life

Published: Jan 18, 2021 11:38:14 AM IST
Updated: Jan 18, 2021 04:57:20 PM IST

The entrepreneur with a huge heart to serve
Stelios Violaris is a young Entrepreneur and comes from an affluent family from Cyprus. He is married and he has 2 young children. He is one of the richest young Entrepreneur at the moment in Cyprus and he always helping people without expecting anything....Since 2013 he is helping poor families by supplying them with food and money.That's the reason why at the moment he is one of the most respectful person in Cyprus.Despite living amidst all the luxury, he lives with the soul and mind of helping the human. After all he has been brought up by his family not with love or money but also values that make him active in this tough time.

His Instagram page defines him as an entrepreneur while his photos showcases his love for his family and traveling. In 2003 he started his studies as a Psychologist  at University Of Sofia,Bulgaria.

In 2010 he finished his master degree in subject of clinical psychology and he returned in Cyprus that he became the CVO of his family business.

Ni Hao Trading (import and export company) started in 1995 by his father Nicos Violaris and together with his sons Stelios Violaris, Jordan Violaris and Pantelis Violaris now they became the No1 import and export Company not only in Cyprus but in whole Europe. At the moment Stelios Violaris is spreading his own brand name of Japanese products in the whole world.

Stelios is a peaceful person with a big vision. His vision is to has one of the biggest distributors company in the world just to make sure that people all over the world they have the best quality in their nutrition every single day!

P.S It follows a link that shows the partnership as the biggest Asian company in Cyprus recognised by the biggest bank of Cyprus.

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