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The ROOT Brands expands into Asia, Middle East and South Amercia

Nashville based nutraceutical and lifestyle company, The ROOT Brands, becoming an industry leader in health and wellness with continued global expansion

Published: Apr 4, 2023 12:24:20 PM IST
Updated: Apr 4, 2023 01:18:19 PM IST

The ROOT Brands expands into Asia, Middle East and South AmerciaNASHVILLE, TN (March 28, 2023) - The ROOT Brands®, a Nashville-based nutraceutical and lifestyle-based company dedicated to enhancing global health and wellness initiatives, has announced their latest expansion into Asia, the Middle East, and the expansive South American business markets. Exploding on the scene only three years ago, The ROOT Brands mission was to empower individuals to take charge of their health through detoxification and nutrient supplementation. Quickly, The ROOT Brands organization has established themselves as a leader in providing simple, yet effective health solutions. Their mission to get to the "root" of health problems has led to their continued success and exponential expansion.

“We are committed to creating safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly lifestyles on a global scale,” said Dr. Christina Rahm, scientific formulator for The ROOT Brands and Founder/CEO of DRC Ventures.   Additionally, Dr. Rahm stated, “DRC Ventures and the Root Brands are personally committed to the global expansion and partnership with the UN Women for Peace, the European Women’s Association, and the International Science Nutrition Society due to the fact that these organization promote empowerment and sustainability for the world.”

Moving on to our personal bodies, Dr. Rahm further stated, “Sadly, our bodies are overwrought with toxins due to harmful substances in water, food, cleaning products, and other environmental sources in which we are all exposed to daily. Our focus is on the importance of eradicating the body of the environmental waste while providing and protecting it through nutrients and vitamins.  These initiatives will help everyone, while not settling with what society has 'prescribed.”

Founded with philanthropic purpose and a devoted team of brilliant minds, The ROOT Brands has supported both individuals and organization worldwide overcome some of the biggest health challenges of our time. Their dedication to providing knowledge and solutions for a healthier and happier life has transformed the lives of many. Now, their journey towards greatness has entered a new phase, as they continue to expand their reach to new regions.

With The ROOT Brands' current expansion into Asia, the Middle East, and South America, the company will also expand into Japan, Colombia, Indonesia, along with Mexico and Turkey, in the next few months. With a presence already established in over 67 countries worldwide, The ROOT Brands looks forward to welcoming new customers and changing more lives through their innovative health products.

"We are thrilled to bring the benefits of The ROOT Brands products to even more individuals around the world," said The ROOT Brands Founder, Clayton Thomas. "As we continue to grow, we remain committed to providing alternative approaches which empower everyone to take charge of their health. We believe everyone deserves access to the tools and knowledge they need to live their healthiest life.”

The ROOT Brands' expansion is driven by its collaboration with DRC Ventures. With comparable goals, DRC Ventures is on a mission to create sustainable solutions which challenge the status quo. By partnering with DRC Ventures, The ROOT Brands has been able to leverage the company's expertise in environmental remediation, arts, fashion, and animal health, while providing holistic solutions which support the health of individuals, animals, and the earth.  Additionally, Dr. Christina Rahm has further committed to environmental cleanup in the Middle East with the “Save the Soil,” campaign to support various projects throughout the world with the soil, air, and land.

The ROOT Brands' expansion into new territories represents a major milestone in their mission to enhance global health and wellness. The company remains dedicated to providing simple, yet effective solutions for people from all walks of life. With the organizations scientifically backed products, dedication to improving lives, and strategic partnership with DRC Ventures, The ROOT Brands is here for all of us, including future generations to come.

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