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The unstoppable amidst a pandemic

Not all unsung heroes wear a cap, a stethoscope, or a uniform, some lurk in the shadows but ensure timely pay-checks each month to ensure a smooth life

Published: Dec 29, 2020 02:36:13 PM IST
Updated: Dec 30, 2020 02:25:34 PM IST

The unstoppable amidst a pandemic

While the Covid-19 pandemic tore the world asunder, it also brought out the best in humankind. Breaking away from the shackles of caste, creed, race or religion millions of faceless COVID-19 warriors went about healing a broken world, silently, ceaselessly, selflessly across the world.

Entrusted with the gargantuan responsibility of managing payroll, AscentHR put its might behind the customers and showcased great commitment in ensuring delivery of payroll and compliance services even during the peak COVID-19 times. Understanding and acknowledging the importance of a credit note that people across the country await every month and shoulder a billion dreams—they assured that the employee salaries are paid in time like usual. A monthly salary is the warp and weft of the lives of countless Indians – it is the life-affirming anchor that keeps loss, suffering, and hardships at bay.

As per the statistics, 82,000+ employees found their whitepaper selecting the right tax regime useful; 1.5 lakh+ employees found their Dynamic Tax Calculator useful in choosing the right tax regime; and 4.25 lakh+ employees received their Form-16 on time. Their agility, commitment, and ownership in responding makes them a great partner to work with.

By managing payroll services AscentHR kept countless lives from disintegrating, while adhering to a plethora of statutory compliance requirements. Not only did they enable their customers to comply with a web of national, state, and local statutory requirements, they also worked around-the-clock to tailor their services to cater to their clients’ needs. A number of businesses introduced staggered pay cuts, and other damage control measures. By working diligently, new government directives were decoded within strict deadlines. They handled a million transactions on average; their portfolio boasts of 550+ customers having payroll operations in diverse geographies and industries. They delivered promises using innovative payroll platform with inbuilt checks and balances, to process confidential customer data.

With work from home forcing their employees to up the ante, they made their way through the tumultuous times, striking a perfect balance between work and stay-at-home responsibilities to send out paycheques that were a beacon of stability for millions, especially during the lockdown. The company’s seamless actions, worked like an invisible hand that deposited those countless salaries, like clockwork, on-time every month. Whilst the world roiled by loss, AscentHR’s steadfast dependability introduced a sliver of sanity and hope.

A feedback loop was put in place to keep employee morale high, and assist them with all sorts of challenges, from tenuous Wi-Fi connections to feelings of isolation. Their AI-driven cultural analytics aided them in crafting employee policies that were sensitive, responsive but also calibrated to ensure that each employee delivered with enthusiasm and commitment.

Accountability, Accuracy, Adaptability—the driving forces behind the uninterrupted functioning, is lived in letter and spirit. Learning from the one-of-a-kind challenge, the pandemic taught to be agile, adaptable, and resilient. They believe, ‘It's a trial by fire that will burnish survivors and improve the way we do business, overall. So carpe diem, and unto the breach!’

The Brain and Heart Behind AscentHR

An entrepreneur with abundant experience in Business Management, Legal, and Finance—Subramanyam S, Founder, President and CEO, AscentHR is a corporate lawyer and a fellow member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Subramanyam’s earnest quest to bring innovative solutions and services in the HR industry led him to build AscentHR. Having held leadership roles in large conglomerates, including Advani — Oerlikon Group and Shonkh Technologies. Perceived as a thought leader, he authors authoritative articles on complex issues for various HR and business forums.

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