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What is the future of education?

The future of education is to educreate

Published: Mar 29, 2022 03:51:11 PM IST
Updated: May 27, 2022 11:26:37 AM IST

What is the future of education?Click here to take the virtual tour of the campus

The world around us is constantly evolving, disruptions have become the norm, which is why the responsibility towards learners has increased for educationists. We cannot rely only on a prescribed curriculum that trains learners towards professions that we know or are familiar with because learners may have career paths that we aren't aware of today. Which brings us to the question, what role does education play? What is the future of education?

If the pandemic taught us one thing, it is that the experience of going to school is irreplaceable. We can learn concepts in an online set-up, but a progressive school's curriculum isn't only about learning information but rather about skill-building. The logical, thinking and analytical skills developed through various activities done in and outside a classroom cannot be replaced. A school curriculum is only complete when it looks at the whole child, which goes far beyond academics. The pandemic has driven home what the future of education should be. For JBCN, the future of education is not to educate but to EduCreate.

JBCN educationists always believe that they are not just Educating but EduCreating. At JBCN, EduCreate is the mantra and the driving force behind their planning. The EduCreative Programme looks at every child's academic, creative, physical and emotional needs. The programme is developed thoughtfully with an innovative and compassionate teaching approach at its core.

As learners grow, their needs change, whether academically or emotionally, so does their ability to connect with each student in their classroom. The teachers at JBCN International School are trained to play the role of a facilitator to support the learners in a positive learning environment. Through dynamic teaching methodologies and creative teaching that combines thematic and interdisciplinary approaches, every learner becomes an active participant in the learning process. Simply put, the technique introduces the learner to a "big conceptual idea" through an interdisciplinary theme that connects all learning into a 'big picture. It enables learners to analyse, synthesise, evaluate and interpret information or a problem and develop solutions.

At JBCN, the iPropel programme ensures that in addition to classroom learning, the child is also developing the other aspects of their personality. The programme encompasses programmes for innovation, Performing arts, Research and reasoning, Outreach, Physical fitness, Experiential learning and Leadership skills.

At JBCN International School, Chembur, the iPropel programme is given life through a large sports ground, the indoor and outdoor art room and performing arts centres. Experts mentor the learners in the field for each of these programmes.

Kunal Dalal, MD JBCN, truly believes that "Sports don't just build character, they reveal it. Through various sports initiatives and programmes, our learners develop strength of character, which is a step forward towards developing leadership skills for the VUCA world of tomorrow."

In order to EduCreate, everything has to work in tandem; the infrastructure plays an equally important role in ensuring that the learners can make the most of the programme. The EduCreative Infrastructure is designed by keeping the learner at the centre of everything.

The wide range of Learning zones such as the Discovery, Sensory, Self-Expression, Construction and Tech-zones cater to the JBCN belief that every child is unique and should be able to learn in the way they find most comfortable whether they are kinesthetic, auditory or visual learners. In addition, the different learning environments in school such as Read aloud rooms, Art/ Music rooms, Indoor training Arena and a large sports ground ensure that the learners are constantly stimulated and enjoy the process of learning.

The EduCreative Journey is indeed a fresh take on education. It challenges Educators to make learning a fun and joyful experience for the learners and guide them to achieve their dreams, be it Academics, sports, or Arts. It inspires innovation, creativity and excellence that enables the learner to build strong character and personality. A thoughtful message from the JBCN International School, Chembur, Head of School, Mr Sumit Dargan, sums it up, “A future-ready education allows us to be compassionate, curious, and resilient. It offers an opportunity for the seekers to be a part of the process and enables them to aspire towards excellence in life”.

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