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World Laparoscopy Hospital And University of South Florida jointly offer Laparoscopic Surgery Courses

World Laparoscopy Training Institute, in collaboration with the University of south Florida, aims to train the surgeons and gynaecologists from all over North America, South America and Europe

Published: Aug 24, 2020 03:58:41 PM IST
Updated: Aug 24, 2020 06:22:09 PM IST

World Laparoscopy Hospital, Gurugram, India, has signed an agreement with the University of South Florida, USA, to provide training in laparoscopic surgery to international students. The institute has designed various multifaceted, comprehensive training programs to enrich the surgical community with their years of surgical experience. The training courses at World Laparoscopy Hospital are systematically designed to provide participants with an understanding of specialized minimal access surgical techniques.

World Laparoscopy Hospital has its training branches situated in India, UAE, and the USA. World Laparoscopic Training Institute USA branch, together with the University of South Florida, has developed a unique laparoscopic training course that will attract surgeons and gynaecologists from all over the world.  Talking about this unique collaborative initiative, Dr R K Mishra, Director & Founder of World Laparoscopy Hospital, said, “Amidst the demand of advanced minimal access surgery, expert laparoscopic surgeons has become the need of the hour in every surgical speciality. There has been a dramatic change in the technique of minimally invasive surgery over the years. It took over 30 years for laparoscopic surgery to replace open surgery.”

“World is on the threshold of a major transition from open surgery to laparoscopic surgery”, said Dr R K Mishra. He further added that, “It is a matter of time before most procedures on the human body will be done better with the laparoscopic and robotic technique. However, for the large-scale technical adoption and lack of world-class training institute is a major hitch is the surgeon’s skill.”

During the last 20 years, laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized surgery. Today, more than 10 million patients a year undergo laparoscopic procedures in general surgery, gynaecology, and urology. Minimal access surgery results in shorter hospital stays, faster recovery, and fewer complications (less infection and less bleeding). World Laparoscopy Hospital’s Faculty for Laparoscopic training is renowned internationally for its excellence in minimal access surgery training. 

It is one of the leading institutes in the world for laparoscopic training. It provides all the necessary tools to achieve excellence in theory and practical aspects. World Laparoscopy Hospital has trained over 11000 surgeons and gynaecologists in the last 20 years and has been providing robotic training for the previous ten years. The institute’s leaders plan to take a ‘one-world approach to research and training in laparoscopic surgery, recognizing that distinctions between human, environmental and public health are counterproductive. 

The term ‘faculty’ can be defined as the blend of academic experience and practical exposure. Informed guidance will not only help you to further your career, but they will also help you with much-needed practical exposure. The faculty of WLH is passionate about providing the best experience for the enrolling doctors. They not only offer surgical skills professionally but also help in one to one interaction during live surgery.

The senior-most faculty, Dr R K Mishra, is internationally renowned for Laparoscopic surgery and has performed over 10,000 laparoscopic surgeries. He is a professor, scientist, and prolific author. He has written six single-authored books on Minimal Access Surgery and more than 28 chapters in different international co-authored books of Minimal Access Surgery. 

The institute has an ultramodern skill lab to give you the best practical knowledge and hands-on experience. It supports demand of inspiring surgeons and gynaecologists and pushes them through rigorous routines when needed. Your stay is made comfortable with quality hospitality services, and the food menu is homely and diverse. When it comes to academics and the quality of education, it’s the right place to be. 

WLH made it possible for Surgeons and Gynaecologists from the entire world to obtain high-level skills. As a result, the institute has maintained its position as one of the best institutes for laparoscopic training. Over these last two decades, over eleven thousand surgeons and gynaecologist have improved their skills and practice in minimally invasive surgery at this institute.  Surgeons have the opportunity to attend live broadcasted procedures, and to undertake training in wet and dry lab as well as Hands-On experience with expert laparoscopic surgeons in the operating room.

World Laparoscopy Training Institute, in collaboration with the University of south Florida, is aiming to train the surgeons and gynaecologists from all over North and South America as well as Europe. If you wish to know more about the laparoscopic training programs, visit World Laparoscopy Hospital website & get detailed information on the program. For more information please visit

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