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Young stock market entrepreneur talks about his success

Mr. Shashank Rawale's success story is very inspiring for youngsters and visionary people

Published: Dec 3, 2020 12:51:53 PM IST
Updated: Dec 4, 2020 04:49:14 PM IST

Young stock market entrepreneur talks about his success
At a very young age of 16, Mr. Shashank Rawale started his business parallel to his academic education. At the age of 21, he entered into stock market business and has achieved great success with his focus, dedication, efforts and talent. He believes that, to do successful business, less of money and more of unique ideas are required. He was never supported by his family and his friends to take any business risk and insisted him to go for a job. But he used to say that if everyone think of doing job then who will create jobs.

Many people resist to do business, as “Risk” is the most important factor involved in it. But according to Mr. Shashank Rawale “More the risk you take, more you earn but the risk should be calculated” and “if you don’t take risk in your life, your life itself will become a big risk.” According to him when you don’t have proper knowledge, idea, experience  and planning of doing anything then it’s a risk but when you develop the same at the higher extent the risk becomes lower and in stock market also more the  knowledge you acquire lower will be the risk.

He believes that whatever knowledge is available in the market is not enough for becoming successful trader and investor, so he developed his own techniques with deep research and analysis which gives him and his clients the best results.

Shashank Rawale’s next vision is to take his company to the turnover of 100 crores with the team of 100 people in his company in next few years. His vision is to contribute into the life of each and every individual who are willing to go ahead with him by giving them various income generating opportunities with the help of various products.

Currently Shashank Rawale has more than 4500 active clients, more than 15000 people have been trained under him with lakhs of followers.

Mr. Rawale says that if you want to become successful in any business or any task, then you must have proper long term, short term, time bond and specific goals, aligned with proper planning and willingness to take efforts to achieve the same and you will be successful. He says that life is very simple but we make it complicated. Everything is the mind game, if you instruct your sub-conscious mind that every task can easily be achieved with positive thoughts then nothing will be difficult for our conscious mind to achieve as mind have great power but  commonly people don’t used even 10% of the same.

Stock Market can be the second or the main source of income which people can do it without quitting their current job or business. Every individual must have proper knowledge of investments into stock market and other instruments. As Shashank Rawale says that till the time you are working for money, you may not achieve financial abundance but when your money starts working for you then you can surely achieve the same, which can only be done by proper investment with proper knowledge.

He says that no matter where the stock market goes in future but if you have proper knowledge and perfect techniques then you can surely earn in everyday trading and investments. He took a lot of efforts to build his base where he use to work for more than 15 hours daily to do research and analysis which gave him success.

According to him having technical knowledge of anything and doing business of the same are two different things. Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge but know very well how to do business of the same then you will be very successful by hiring right people.

Money is the by product of your efforts and talent. Focus on excellence and do your business genuinely money will follow you more than you expect. Shashank Rawale is known for his excellent services and best market performance.

Shashank Rawale Consultancy’s three offices are currently located at Navi Mumbai and expanding ahead by giving online courses and advice all over India.


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