Party Hard's Still Going Strong

A Mumbai company that helps tipsy revellers get back home safely in their own cars is looking at expanding its offerings

Published: Mar 28, 2012 06:05:02 AM IST
Updated: Mar 26, 2012 11:09:43 AM IST
Party Hard's Still Going Strong
Image: Manoj Patil for Forbes India
PARTY PEOPLE (From left) Ankur Vaid, Saurabh Shah and Mishal Raheja feel that their company,Party Hard Drivers, has more room to grow in Mumbai

Assume you run a business hiring out drivers to people who are too drunk to drive home. Your driver gets behind the wheel of the client’s car, drops him home and gets paid for it. You split the money with the driver as per the contract and your business grows from zilch to Rs. 1 crore in four years with almost zero investment. Then the government amends the law, imposes heavier fines and stricter punishments for drunk driving. That should bring a large smile to your face. “Not really,” says Ankur Vaid, who runs Party Hard Drivers (PHD). “Heavier fines could be an impetus to increase corruption,” he says.

Vaid started PHD with Saurabh Shah and Mishal Raheja in 2007 in Mumbai. PHD is a drop home service for people who have had one too many to drink and can’t drive back on their own. So, when the government amended the Motor Vehicles Act in early March 2012, it should have meant that their business would get the much needed impetus to expand beyond its home city.

But there’s a huge difference between Mumbai and the rest of India when it comes to implementing drunken driving laws. The probability of one landing in jail is very high if caught driving under influence in Mumbai. However, in other cities, one can usually talk/bribe one’s way out.

In such a scenario, PHD’s growth hinges on the fact that there’s no competition in the space that it operates in. While Vaid and co. claim that they have the first mover advantage and people know they can trust them, there is another opinion. “This is not a very large and scalable business. There’s only so much you can grow in a city. What after that?” says an individual who runs one of the largest fleet cab services in the country.

For now, PHD believes that there is plenty of room to expand in Mumbai. The way PHD works is simple. You can call PHD or tweet for a driver to take you back home from wherever you are partying or take you from one party to another.

A driver works on a six-hour shift for Rs 650. The company has 250 drivers on contract and plan to add 100 more. The next stage is to grow in Mumbai itself with PHD+. “That’s an A-level like chauffer, who comes in with a suit and a cap. Obviously you pay a premium for that. You can also opt for a concierge and maybe a bodyguard if you want one,” says Vaid.

So far PHD’s success in Mumbai has been primarily driven by word of mouth publicity. Trusting one’s car to a stranger is something that takes getting used to and PHD has worked hard on building goodwill since its launch. PHD+ received a boost when it handled Tom Cruise’s travel arrangements during his visit to Mumbai to promote Mission Impossible 4. Wizcraft, the event management company, was in charge of the entire logistics set-up for India. Wizcraft needed drivers who could drive the BMW 7 series given to Cruise for his to travel within the city.

“BMW gave us some of their best cars. We had to get the best drivers possible and we would be responsible for the drivers,” says Irfan Khan, special projects, Wizcraft. Wizcraft had used PHD for a previous event. “They are known for their efficiency. And we were talking about cars worth over a crore. We needed someone responsible,” says Khan.

PHD stationed 32 drivers at the Taj Mahal Hotel for three days. Cruise and Wizcraft didn’t have any complaints. “And after that a lot of people were like if these guys can handle Tom Cruise, why not me?” says Vaid.

Shah believes that the Mumbai business has the potential to double in two years. PHD has been growing at 20 percent every year, but is still a business that operates at full capacity only during the weekends. The rest of the week, it operates at 40 percent capacity.

That’s where another service, Party Hard Gurus, comes in. Alcohol rates in Maharashtra are among the highest in the country after the state government raised taxes by 40 percent. “A lot of the 25-40 year crowd is partying at home. They don’t want to party in clubs. It’s too expensive,” says Vaid. So PHG comes in with the works: Bartenders, DJs, sound, décor, catering and drivers. A bartender for a night costs Rs 2,500. Charges vary from Rs 5,000 a night to a few lakh per party.

“PHG could actually become a bigger revenue contributor [than the driver service] in the future. This year, because of PHG, we are targeting a revenue growth of at least 50 percent compared to the 20-30 percent growth over the last few years,” says Vaid.

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  • Amna Hundal

    Hats off PHD

    on Mar 24, 2014
  • Neetu Dubey

    great job dudes

    on Apr 4, 2012
  • Anshu Jain

    AWESOME READ!!.great going guys...........:D

    on Mar 29, 2012
  • Thilakavathy Janardhan

    First, let me congratulate the young icons for their tremendous success in their entrepreneurial ventures of PHD ( PARTY HARD DRIVERS AND PHG'S - PARTY HARD GURUS). While the first one emerged as a service provider to help the drunken driving public of Mumbai as a rescue source, the latter one PHG's an event management company gained its due recognition at its initial stage of inception itself. Of course credit goes to PHD's becs the latter became popular because of the reputation gained by the PHD's which is a fact beyond denial. While globalisation spread its wings in a developing country like India, the software industry laid a very strong foundation, and with that came the all other attributing factors of the same for eg entertainment, party bash and so on so forth.,due to the influence of the western civilisation which became inevitable, as the office-goers irrespetive of the gender prone to cling to the celebration of their week-ends prioritising Party bash and all that. This in turn contributed a lot for the PHD's and PHG's to establish their roots strongly preferably in Mumbai (their hometown - an added advantage) I am not in concurrence with Mr vaid's view that Motor Vehicle act is too strictly implemented in Mumbai and in other cities punishment can be evaded by bribing or talking or so. That is totally wrong. Mumbai is the commercial market for almost all the industries and any faculty whether entertainment sector or anything needed a base in Mumbai and promo from Mumbai. In other cities perhaps these laws did not needed its strict implementation may be becs these laws needed no violation by the public. A feather in their cap was the prestigious assignement PHD's bagged from the international icon Mr Tom Cruise. Generally Indian masses have the habit of raising to the occassion of any service or product provided it came from an allein country. Likewise, as these trios said If Tom Cruise can why not me. Had it not been a celebrity from an Entertainment industry may be the results would have been otherwise. So Tom's arrival for the promo of his film Mission Impossible Ghost protocol has been a blessing in disguise for the three Indian icons. Strict implementation of the liquor laws and various cost efective factors promoted PHG's more than PHD's. While the need for PHD's were more on the offing during weekends, the vitality of PHG's emerged on all 7 days of the week, becs of its service packages. A great contributing factor for them was the reputation, goodwill , trust and confidence they have gained from the public was more of a word of mouth than spending lakhs of rupees for advertisement and business promos (FB contributes a lot - i hope they'll not deny this)., duly accompanied by skilled drivers (who are recruited only after a strict quality test is passed out by the drivers who handle the cars as they handle not their clients but their life) To wind up, the accolades they gained was more a team effort undoubtedly with the strong hard work, dedication, sincertiy and commitment to what they are (Ankur Vaid, Mishal Raheja adn Saurabh Shah) up to by these three partners who are more friends than a money-spinning business partners. It is also the rappo these three share with each other duly encouraged by their frnds, momentum gained by their fans (one of the partner is a famous celebrity in the Bollywood industry) and the mass support, blesings by their well wishers. THEY HAVE LEARNT THE SUCCESS FORMULA OF MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES- nothing wrong in it. HATS OFF.

    on Mar 29, 2012