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Namaste Web3 Jaipur edition explores the importance of skill development for emerging technologies in India

The Jaipur chapter of Namaste Web3 witnessed around 250+ participants including industry leaders, notable speakers and entrepreneurs

Shashank Bhardwaj
Published: Aug 30, 2023 08:08:25 PM IST

Namaste Web3 Jaipur edition explores the importance of skill development for emerging technologies in India

CoinDCX in partnership with Forbes India hosted the sixth chapter of Namaste Web3, a flagship Web3 education initiative that empowers Indians with crypto knowledge, preparing them for the future of virtual digital assets in Jaipur on the theme ‘Skill Development in India for Emerging Technologies’. The event provided a platform for diverse stakeholders to engage in fruitful discussions about the trajectory of India's Web3 ecosystem and the avenues for its accelerated growth.

Opening the session, Vinita Srivastava, Joint Director, Department of IT and Communication (DoIT&C) & Deputy General Manager (DGM), Rajiv Gandhi Centre of Advanced Technology (R-CAT), delivered a keynote address, underlining the role of emerging tech like Blockchain to propel the development of smaller cities and towns.

She stated, “Rajasthan, as a state, has responded to the call of Blockchain and its potential, forging ahead with an ecosystem that transcends centralized trust. Embracing Web3 isn't just an option; it's an imperative. As we stand, we recognize its resonance in the E-governance sector. Rajasthan's swift strides in adopting blockchain amplify its role. Land records, a testament to permanence, take on a new life with blockchain's seal of integrity. As the education and finance sectors join the journey, the pilot emerges, which shows a glimpse of future innovation and unlocks the potential of Blockchain.”

The keynote was followed up by a panel discussion themed, “Web3: Exciting Things on the Horizon.” This engaging conversation brought together prominent industry experts, including Pranav Kaushik, Partner, Digital transformation, Grant Thornton dGTL; Dilip Chenoy, Chairman, Bharat Web3 Association; and Gaurav Arora, Head, DeFi Initiatives, CoinDCX.

During the panel discussion, Gaurav Arora, Head, DeFi Initiatives, CoinDCX commented, “In a realm where transformative possibilities emerge, the truth reveals itself—innovations aren't just driven by arbitrary technologies, but rather, by the essence of change itself. It's not merely about technological advancement; it's about reshaping economies, igniting new paradigms, and unlocking novel business models. One thing is clear—the transition won't be an exact copy-paste of Web 2.0. The paradigm shift extends beyond technological adaptation; it demands a complete reimagining of business models.”

Dilip Chenoy, Chairman, Bharat Web3 Association put the spotlight on Web3 startups in India. He said,” Amidst India's dynamic entrepreneurial landscape, Web3 startups stand as vanguards of innovation. Armed with decentralized technologies, they're rewriting the rules of business and finance. As pioneers of this digital evolution, they're not just adapting; they're crafting new realities, where transparency, security, and inclusivity reign. These startups hold the key to reshaping industries, fostering economic empowerment, and propelling India into a decentralized future."

In the subsequent discussion on the topic of “How are Web2 Brands Embracing Web3?” a diverse panel of artists and experts shared interesting insights. The panelists included Angad B. Sodhi, Artist, Curator, & Co-founder-Colours of India; Yashaswi Rao, VP of products, Okto; Pranav Kaushik, Partner, Digital Transformation, Grant Thornton dGTL; and Satvik Sethi, Founder, Anokha, Social Impact Activist, Web3 Evangelist, Investor, & Artist.

Pranav Kaushik said, “Web3 adoption has brought forth a landscape of abundant opportunities across sectors. Consumer markets, including major brands like Nike and Gucci, exemplify the immersive potential of Web3. As India's vibrant developer and creator community embraces this evolution, the potential for innovation knows no bounds."

The event concluded with the last panel discussion on “The Next Frontier for Artists, Creators, and Collectors”. Esteemed speakers like Amrit Pal Singh, Visual Artist| NFTs, Metaverse, & Web3; Karan Kalra, Multidisciplinary Artist; Ishleen Kaur, Digital Creator; Rohit Jalan, Cosmic artist; and Ujjwal Agarwal aka Kala, Generative Artist joined the discussion, which centred around NFTs and their impact on the creative community. Panelists talked about their positive experiences with NFTs and emphasised how NFTs have fostered a sense of community by bringing together artists, collectors, and enthusiasts worldwide.

The Jaipur chapter of Namaste Web3 ended successfully, providing a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas and insights among influences and leaders across the Web3 spectrum.

The writer is the founder at yMedia. He ventured into crypto in 2013 and is an ETH maximalist. Twitter: @bhardwajshash