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Sammy Sana: Improving the self

The Country President of Motorola talks about Dealing with Darwin, The Geography of Thought and The Seven Habits of highly effective People

Published: Sep 24, 2009 08:46:10 AM IST
Updated: Sep 24, 2009 08:50:51 AM IST

I found Dealing With Darwin, by Geoffrey A. Moore, particularly relevant in the current context of rapid and disruptive changes in technology and business models and the consequences of globalisation. It uses the evolution metaphor to emphasise the need for constant innovation to refresh our competitive advantage. I use the ideas constantly, especially when emphasising the need for change and agility, and the danger of settling into a comfort zone.

The Geography of Thought, by Richard E Nisbitt, is very relevant in the context of globalisation and distributed global workforce. The book challenges the western belief that the way people think will be — or ought to be — the same wherever you go. I manage a large international R&D centre, with teams spanning different time zones, languages and cultures, where it is very important to be aware and sensitive to differences rather than aggressively push a “one size fits all” philosophy, something that this book helps in articulating. 

Sammy Sana,Country President, Motorola India, and MD, Motorola Software Group
Image: Gireesh GV for Forbes India
Sammy Sana,Country President, Motorola India, and MD, Motorola Software Group
I have met few people who have not been influenced partly or wholly by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R Covey. What impressed me is the simplicity of its message, the use of age-old wisdom and the impact it has at a personal level. I found it reassuring, as it reaffirmed many of my own beliefs and values. We have to constantly deal with stress, conflicts and complexities both at home and at work and the messages from this book really helps to adapt our attitude and approach to face them with a certain amount of balance. 

Sammy Sana is Country President, Motorola India, and MD, Motorola Software Group - India Design Center.

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