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4 fairytale palaces that have been transformed into hotels

Old-world charm and modern comforts blend seamlessly at these palaces, giving guests an immersive experience of a bygone era

Published: Jun 28, 2023 03:04:01 PM IST
Updated: Jun 28, 2023 03:37:09 PM IST

4 fairytale palaces that have been transformed into hotelsUmaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur. Image credit: Frédéric Soltan/Corbis via Getty Images

Breathtaking, rich-in-history palaces across India have been given a new life to welcome discerning travellers seeking a regal experience. These magnificent structures have been thoughtfully restored and converted into exquisite hotels that blend old-world charm with modern comforts and luxuries. From ornate architecture to grand interiors, guests will be transported to a time of bygone royalty. Here is a list of palaces where guests can explore the grandeur of properties that were once reserved for royalty and the elite.

1. Samode Palace, Jaipur

In north Jaipur, Samode Palace is a breathtaking showcase of Indian and Mughal royalty. This magnificent structure is over 400 years old and features Indo-Saracenic architecture steeped in history. Every room is elegantly designed with luxurious furnishings—four poster beds and intricately carved couches. The royal suites feature a jacuzzi and a private courtyard overlooking the mountains. Guests can enjoy modern luxury combined with traditional opulence.

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2. Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

The Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal is a 19th century marvel that reflects various styles of architecture—Italian Renaissance, British Colonial, and Classical Greek. On the slope of the Shamla Hills lies the palace with palatial rooms that exude royal charms guests can immerse themselves in. The hotel also has restaurants that offer various multi-cuisine offerings.

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3. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

The Umaid Bhawan Palace is a magnificent showcase of Rajasthan’s heritage. It was built on the highest point in Jodhpur—Chittar Hill—between 1928 and 1943 and set amidst lush gardens with a subterranean Zodiac Pool. The palace reflects Indo-Saracenic, Classical Revival and Western Art Deco architectural styles. The rooms are designed with Art Deco interiors and equipped with modern amenities guests can enjoy.

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4. Shiv Niwas Palace, Udaipur

Shiv Niwas Palace in Udaipur is a crescent-shaped palace brought to life in the 20th century during the reign of Maharana Fateh Singh. The palace—now a luxury resort—is designed in Rajput architectural styles. History, design, quality service, exquisite cuisine, and luxury come together to create an unforgettable experience for guests. The rooms house original furniture and offer panoramic views of Udaipur.