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From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visit

Forbes India takes you through India's most luxurious and stylish bars, where impeccable service, chic decor, and exquisite cocktails converge to create an unforgettable experience

Published: Nov 20, 2023 03:56:28 PM IST
Updated: Nov 20, 2023 04:18:27 PM IST

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visitAsilo–The St Regis, Mumbai
Urban India has pockets of extravagance, and its bar scene is no exception. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, the country offers an array of high-end watering holes that cater to the discerning tastes of its elite and well-heeled travellers. Here are some of the most luxurious bars in the country:

Aer, Four Seasons, Mumbai

Aer, situated atop the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, offers a chic and contemporary rooftop experience. The bar, which presents a wide array of premium cocktails and wines, is known for its skilled mixologists. With its luxurious ambience, Aer upholds the Four Seasons’ reputation, combining impeccable service with stylish decor. It attracts Mumbai’s elite and high-net-worth travellers seeking a sophisticated rooftop experience that leaves them with a lasting impression of the city’s vibrant nightlife scene.

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Grappa, Shangri-La Eros, New Delhi

Nestled within Shangri-La Eros in New Delhi, Grappa offers a refined and timeless ambience. It exudes sophistication with chic decor, creating the perfect setting for an enchanting evening. Renowned for its cocktails and an extensive wine list, Grappa attracts a diverse and cosmopolitan crowd, from business professionals to locals seeking a lavish and intimate bar experience in the heart of New Delhi.

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visitBlue Bar, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

Blue Bar, Taj Palace, New Delhi

Within the exquisite embrace of the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, the Blue Bar is a luxurious lounge and bar which has a very edgy feel, owing to its dramatic red-on-black colour scheme and ambient lighting. The bar is celebrated for its extensive selection of cocktails and premium beverages, with a renowned classic cocktail menu that caters to the most refined tastes. Its doors open to the creme-de-la-creme of Delhi, diplomats, and global travellers, all seeking the epitome of refinement and timeless sophistication in the city.

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The Library Blu, The Leela Palace, Chennai

The Library Blu at The Leela in Chennai serves tantalising spirits and impeccably crafted cocktails. Enhancing this delightful libation, the bar also presents a delectable culinary journey. The bar stands out among guests who love to immerse themselves in the vibrant ambience of pulsating music that establishes the ideal atmosphere, especially on weekends. The beats and rhythms harmonise seamlessly with the scenic backdrop, allowing HNIs and high-profile guests to soak in the panoramic shades of the azure sea.

The Living Room, Mumbai

The Living Room, owned by Masque, is an intimate and uniquely designed establishment in one of Mumbai’s posh localities. It seamlessly blends modern and rustic elements to create a welcoming atmosphere, focusing on innovation and culinary excellence. The bar offers a meticulously curated menu of craft cocktails and fine spirits, attracting food connoisseurs, creative minds, and those seeking a top-tier bar experience. Renowned for its commitment to culinary excellence and luxury, it stands as a distinctive and exclusive destination for drinks in Mumbai.

Olive Bar & Kitchen, Goa, Delhi, Bengaluru

Olive Bar & Kitchen, in Goa, Delhi, and Bengaluru, offer a rustic Mediterranean charm with lush greenery and a laidback ambience. It serves a diverse range of cocktails and wines, appealing to connoisseurs. The true luxury factor of the bar is the seamless blend of sophistication and relaxation, with attention to detail. Drawing a cosmopolitan elite crowd, it caters to both the locals and tourists, shaping vibrant social tapestries of these cities.

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From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visitAmrit Sagar, Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Amrit Sagar, Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Amrit Sagar, located within Udaipur’s Taj Lake Palace, offers a fairytale setting perched on the tranquil Lake Pichola. The splendid ambience exhibits regal splendour, with majestic palace views. The bar boasts premium spirits, wines, and specialty cocktails, perfect for those seeking classic drinks with unmatched vistas. Impeccable service complements the legacy of Taj Lake Palace, creating a haven for well-heeled travellers, HNIs and Maharajas of the state.

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visitBANG, The Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru

BANG, The Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru

Nestled like a precious gem atop The Ritz-Carlton in Bangalore, BANG rooftop bar is a paragon of design and hospitality, mirroring the city’s vibrant spirit. The bar exudes an air of refined sophistication, blending contemporary elegance with earthy accents. It’s the preferred choice of high-profile individuals, with a distinctive fire pit area for convivial conversations. BANG’s mixologists are virtuosos, crafting liquid symphonies that are both art and science. The culinary offerings extend to breathtaking sundowners, DJ nights, and live match screenings, making it a dynamic and sought-after destination for elite Bengalurians.

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the regal palaces of Udaipur, luxe bars you must visitJunction, Taj Bengal, Kolkata

Junction, Taj Bengal, Kolkata

Junction at Taj Bengal, Kolkata, evokes the bygone era of British colonial decor and intimate elegance,  providing a timeless setting for refined evenings. Classic and signature cocktails and a carefully curated wine list emphasise tradition. Taj Bengal, known for luxury, ensures Junction’s esteemed standards. The attention to detail, gracious service, and elegant setting unite to craft a high-end experience. The bar welcomes hotel guests, including the creme-de-la-creme from various Indian cities, discerning locals, and admirers of heritage-style bars in the heart of Kolkata.

Asilo–The St. Regis, Mumbai

Atop The St. Regis Mumbai, Asilo offers a glamorous rooftop sanctuary with contemporary elegance and panoramic city views. During sunset, it becomes a captivating backdrop for inventive cocktails and an impressive spirits selection. Drawing Mumbai’s super-elites, discerning socialites, professionals, and visitors, it’s a sophisticated nightlife destination that mirrors the city’s dynamic, urban spirit.

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