Rose Mercier: The shoe brand that literally has you walking on the moon

The Rose Mercier brand has unveiled three shoe models with stiletto heels crafted from moon rock fallen to earth

Published: Dec 4, 2021 08:50:43 AM IST
Updated: Dec 3, 2021 07:29:47 PM IST

The Rose Mercier brand offers shoes made with moon fragments
Image: Courtesy of Rose Mercier

If a trip to the moon is beyond your budget, how about stepping out on lunar fragments? The Rose Mercier brand has unveiled three shoe models with stiletto heels crafted from moon rock fallen to Earth. A whole new level of luxury!

Flying into space and setting foot on the moon is a childhood dream that only comes true for a lucky— and usually highly trained—few. Neil Armstrong was the first person to accomplish this feat, more than five decades ago, on July 21, 1969. Now, the Rose Mercier brand is offering a considerably less strenuous, but no less exciting alternative, with virtually no need to get up from your couch.

With the holiday season fast approaching, the brand presents three models of shoes, each featuring a heel made with approximately 45 grams of moon. These are moon fragments, to be precise, found by explorer, collector and meteorite hunter Luc Labenne. In collaboration with Rose Mercier's teams, the professional selected the stones according to their porosity in order to craft these three pairs of shoes.

"The Moon, symbol of femininity and mystery, offers us lunar meteorites, ejected by the impacts of celestial objects. After being projected, they travel a long way before arriving on Earth. A small quantity of lunar stones, most of them 4.51 billion years old, are found each year, barely 20 kg," the brand explains in a press release.

The shoes are then manufactured with the renowned shoemaker Maison Massaro. This first collection comprises three models: the Diane sandal, the Luna mule and the Trivia pump. All three will be on display from December 4 at the Ritz Paris Gallery, to be admired like works of art.

Named Artemis, this collection is only produced to order, and to a maximum 52 pieces. This number was not chosen at random, since it reflects the years that have passed since humanity's first steps on the moon. The price is no coincidence either. Each pair sells for €210,769 (about $238,900), referencing the date this feat was achieved, while also reflecting the rarity, the expertise involved and the exceptional nature of the materials used. Like we said, it's a whole new level of luxury.

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