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Realme 11 Pro Series 5G launch: Designer Matteo Menotto adds a dash of style and colour

The Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer got into a creative partnership with the head of design for prints and accessories consultant, Bulgari, to offer unique and captivating colour options for the realme 11 Pro+ that was launched earlier today

Published: Jun 8, 2023 01:02:36 PM IST
Updated: Jun 8, 2023 12:45:11 PM IST

Realme 11 Pro Series 5G launch: Designer Matteo Menotto adds a dash of style and colourRealme 11 Pro+, the result of a collaboration between realme and designer Matteo Menotto

Earlier today, realme launched its 11 Pro Series 5G featuring 200 MP OIS SuperZoom camera at the NEXT LEAP event in New Delhi. To recognise the power of aesthetics and luxury, realme Design Studio collaborated with renowned designer Matteo Menotto to create unique and captivating colour options for the realme 11 Pro+. The exclusive colour variants have been carefully crafted to offer a distinct and stylish appearance. The collaboration brings together the worlds of fashion and technology, creating a stylish product that pushes boundaries in the industry. 

“We believe in fostering collaboration and engaging with creative minds from around the world. In our conversations with various designers, Matteo Menotto stood out with his unique perspective and artistic talent,” says Tao Zhang, chief marketing officer of realme India. “For this particular project, we began by conceptualising the theme of urban exploration and wanted to create a design that captures the essence of vibrant cities and their dynamic energy.” 

During the communication process, Menotto presented the team a captivating painting inspired by the city of Milan. The artwork resonated strongly with the brand’s concept of urban exploration, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with a touch of urban charm.

Realme 11 Pro Series 5G launch: Designer Matteo Menotto adds a dash of style and colourThe main colour of the phone cover was defined by the initial print design created by Matteo Menotto, using the architecture of the city of Milan as inspiration

After meticulous iterations and fine-tuning, the collaboration with Menotto has culminated in a product that exemplifies the spirit of urban exploration. “The combination of his artistic prowess and our shared passion for innovation has resulted in a design that we believe will resonate deeply with our customers,” says Zhang, who adds that the smartphone is designed for the masses. “We are committed to democratising the essential aspects of flagship phones, making them accessible to a wider audience.”

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With the aim of ensuring that everyone can experience the premium features and quality of the smartphones—regardless of their budget—the collaboration represents one of the many steps realme is taking in that direction. “We have carefully crafted this phone with a focus on providing a high-end experience at a reasonable price, without compromising on performance, design and features. Our goal is to empower users with a device that combines innovation, style and functionality, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of modern technology,” says Zhang.

“We understand that today's youngsters seek smartphones that not only offer cutting-edge features but also reflect their personal style and taste,” he adds. With this in mind, the concept of ‘Master design’ was introduced in their number series products, starting with the realme 11 Pro series 5G. “This design philosophy incorporates different aesthetics of luxury into our smartphones. Our goal is to cater to the aspirations of young consumers by offering them the elegance and sophistication they desire,” Zhang explains. 

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