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7 Unique Gifts to Surprise your Partner with

Published: Dec 22, 2012 06:53:05 AM IST
Updated: Dec 20, 2012 04:58:55 PM IST

7 Unique Gifts to Surprise your Partner with
1. Mindgames
Mobile games might not count much as gifts, but this one’s different. You have to play it with your mind using an EEG headset. In one, you have to bend spoons, and in another, perform various tasks, such as putting out fire—all using your mind. Mind Games, a company based in Iceland, says it’s more than entertainment. It can relax your mind and improve your focus.
Cost: Headset-$130; games-$4.99

2. Personal DVD collection
Indian cinema will celebrate 100 years in 2013 (Raja Harischandra released in 1913). How about making your own selection of 52 best Indian films to mark the event, and watch one every weekend of the year?
Estimated Cost: Rs 16,000

7 Unique Gifts to Surprise your Partner with
3. Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP, Fitbit
Some years ago, it used to be a wrist watch. It stayed close, tracked time, and with every tick reminded your partner of your undying love. Now, there are devices that can track more than just time—fitness, food, sleep. Of them, three top the list: Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP and FitBit. Any one of these will help build data for personal analytics. And 2013 is the international year of statistics. If not in 2013, when?
Cost: $100-$200

4. Space Travel
So, you have held hands and stared at the stars. Now, how about reaching for them? Literally. Book your partner (and yourself too, if you can afford it) a seat on a sub-orbital space flight on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. Although bookings have been around for a while, prices have drastically fallen. There is, of course, also the possibility of taking a trip to the moon and back in another few years, if The Golden Spike Company keeps its word. Prices are astronomical. But, of course!
Cost: Virgin Galactic—Starting at $200,000; The Golden Spike Company $1.5 billion

7 Unique Gifts to Surprise your Partner with
Image: Reuters
5. 3D sculptures
You can’t do this from home, sorry. But, if you happen to go to Madrid or New York, consider including a trip to a 3D printing studio in your itinerary (3d-u in Madrid and MakerBot in New York). Get your partner scanned and within a couple of weeks you receive a 3D sculpture.
Cost: $100-$300

6. Give
Surprise your partner with a hundred smiles. Find out what touches your partner’s heart—a cause that makes him or her pause and get philosophical. And make a donation. We suggest GiveIndia.

7. Transforming robot from Brave Robotics
The limited edition robot from Tokyo-based Brave Robotics can transform itself from being a car to a robot and back. It can also shoot darts, and stream live video of what it sees over Wi-Fi. An ideal gift if your partner’s bookshelves are lined with Asimovs.
Cost: 1.98 million Yen

(This story appears in the 11 January, 2013 issue of Forbes India. To visit our Archives, click here.)

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