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Weekly Shorts: How momfluencers can garner positive engagements for brands

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Published: Apr 10, 2023 02:15:26 PM IST
Updated: Apr 10, 2023 03:09:28 PM IST

Weekly Shorts: How momfluencers can garner positive engagements for brandsFashion and accessories, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, home decor, entertainment, and food and beverages are the most popular content niches discussed by mom influencers. Image: Shutterstock

As mom influencer content becomes more diverse, brands in multiple industries rely on these creators to place their products in front of a broad audience during Mother’s Day.

Mom influencers or momfluencers are becoming a prominent creator category in India as more mothers have started sharing their motherhood experiences on social media.

In the past five years, there has been a tremendous growth of 101.60 percent in the content generated by mom influencers, according to data. The platform scoured 84,975 influencer profiles on Instagram and concluded that there are 4,371 Indian mom influencers on the platform, creating more than 12,000 pieces of content in just 2022.

By sharing experience-based content in niches like fashion, lifestyle, pet, home decor, and food and beverages, these mom influencers have gained the attention of these industries, causing a spike of 44.86 percent in the number of creators in these categories over the last five years.

Fashion and accessories, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, home decor, entertainment, and food and beverages are the most popular content niches discussed by mom influencers, which indicates a significant demand for such content among mothers on social media.

Additionally, the’s data indicated that Instagram is the top platform used by mommy creators to share content. The aesthetic feel of Instagram content works well in showcasing a variety of content, including family pictures, baby images, clothing product reviews, makeup tutorials, home and garden decor tips, and more such posts.

Mom influencers are an excellent choice for Mother’s Day influencer campaigns to reach a broad audience beyond just mothers and parents.

Mom Influencers: The perfect choice for your Mother's Day campaign

1. Mom influencers cover content niches beyond baby products

Since mothers make 85 percent of the household purchase decisions, they need advice on finances, work life, relationships, home decor, and more, for which they rely on trusted mommy creators. Leading companies like Next, Play, Braun, and Netflix target mommy influencers to promote their brand message. Be it fashion, lifestyle, fitness, or food and beverages, mom influencers enable brands in the non-baby category to reach untapped audiences.

For example, Aspire Energy Drink, an American beverages company, partnered with popular mom influencers like @catherinegiudici, @babysideburns, and @mommyshorts to target active mothers to drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales on Mother's Day in 2022.

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By collaborating with mom influencers on Mother's Day (and otherwise), brands can promote a range of product categories, appeal to a diverse audience, access mom communities, build credibility, and boost sales.

Going through the difficult journey of motherhood, many mothers also look for influencers who create content around physical health, parenting, maternal mental health, body positivity, postpartum care, and more to feel good about themselves.

Many moms follow mommy influencers and bloggers to consume entertaining content like memes and pranks to catch a break while caring for the kids. Other mom influencers target not just mothers but women worldwide by creating content around gender stereotypes. @mom.whine.repeat, @scarymommy, @mommywinetime, and @notes.parent are some Instagram meme pages and blogs created by mom influencers to talk about gender norms with a touch of humor.

2. Mom influencers don't just target mothers

Mom influencer content appeals to other demographics beyond mothers, including dads, millennials, and even Gen Zs. @jadegodbolt, a US-based beauty and mom influencer on Instagram, has 20 percent male followers, and 43.41 percent of her followers are aged between 19 and 25 years, which means her content reaches a broader audience.

Many mom influencers also cater to animal lovers on social media by sharing cute videos and photos of their furry buddies, engaging the pet parents and moms in their follower base. Several pet brands approach these mom influencers to promote their pet products. For example, courtneycourtney for Pets reached out to @mommyshorts, a well-known mom creator, to promote their knitted pet clothing products.

Collaborating with such influencers allows brands to target not only human mommies but also pet moms, fathers, and kids as they look to buy gifts on Mother's Day.

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3. Mom influencers build positive associations with the product

The mom influencers have tight-knit communities built on trust, support, and honest content, which allow them to persuade the audience. Their content speaks of their experience as mothers, enabling other moms to trust their content.

Influencers share realistic content within their communities that makes moms feel better about themselves and gives them the courage to talk about the ugly parts of motherhood. Such communities stem closer and personal connections between the influencer and the audience.

While mom influencers do need support through motherhood, they also need advice on what products to use. Mom influencers answer these queries by sharing helpful product stories with their communities about how the brand solved a problem for them. The recommendations build positive associations with the product among the audience and encourage them to try it out.

Finding the right mom influencers for your next Mother's Day campaign

Working with the right mom influencers is important to convey the right brand message while creating positive associations for the products. Many mom influencers try to be perfect and forget to connect with their audience, which negatively impacts people's mental health.

Mothers need real-life content from influencers that they can relate to, which is why choosing mom influencers is more than simply looking at the follower count. What is the type of content they create? What is their engagement rate? What does the audience think about their content? What kind of brands have they collaborated with in the past? Do they have fake followers? Questions like these help find relevant influencers, which leads to a successful Mother's day campaign.

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