Jeep's Two New Launches

Why we're looking forward to the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler

Published: May 20, 2013 07:26:26 AM IST
Updated: May 15, 2013 01:56:09 PM IST
Jeep's Two New Launches
Image: Courtesy: Overdrive

Our colleagues at Overdrive magazine tell us that they're looking forward to the launches of two iconic brands in India: The Grand Cherokee and the Wrangler, both from Jeep.

Now, in India ‘jeep’ is seen as a common noun to describe vaguely military-looking vehicles, but they are a very well-known brand name in the West. And yes, they do descend from what were known as ‘general purpose’ or GP four-wheelers used during World War II. Overdrive Editor Bertand D’Souza told us, “India’s fascination with SUVs has everything to do with their size, design and their ability to withstand a lot more punishment meted out by our inadequate infrastructure. In this environment, the Jeep brand of SUVs—which are immensely rugged yet very luxurious and well built, have amazing off-road abilities and look much better than anything else we see in the market today—should create a lot excitement.” These SUVs, born and bred in the land where they take their big cars seriously, should be out in India sometime in the next few months.

See for Bertrand’s test of the Grand Cherokee.

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