Forbes India Leadership Awards 2013: And the Winners Are.....

They are all-weather performers, through good times and bad, through success and failure

Published: Oct 18, 2013 06:55:04 AM IST
Updated: Oct 18, 2013 08:24:16 AM IST

The Forbes India Leadership Awards (“FILA” to Forbes India insiders) are intended to recognise outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders across the spectrum—from start-ups to big corporations to conglomerates. This edition of FILA—our third—brings you one more crop of leaders, this time for 2013. As you flip through the following pages, you will know why they are special to us. They are all-weather performers, through good times and bad, through success and failure. They thrive on crises and take everything in their stride. They create jobs and make the economy tick.

In this letter, I would like to take the reader through all that happens backstage before we come up with the final list of winners. Work on FILA begins nearly four to five months ahead of the event at two levels: Our staffers start compiling shortlists of potential nominees in the 10 award categories. Sources are contacted, experts are spoken to, and research reports are assiduously scanned at this stage to double-check and triple-check on potential nominees. Simultaneously, KPMG, our knowledge partners for this project, start doing the same at their end. Once the shortlist is compiled at both ends, Forbes India and KPMG meet up to align two separate shortlists into one final one with five nominees in each category—making for 50 potential winners.

The other prong of our effort begins with the identification of a high-powered jury to select 10 from the 50. Every year, we plan for a jury that represents continuity and change. Having an entirely new jury each time would have made the selection process different every year. So we usually opt for some common members and some new members. This has worked well for us and the process continues even as fresh insights get added.

The final stage is the compilation of data on all the nominees by Forbes India and KPMG, in preparation for the jury meeting. This time we had the meeting in July 2013 at The Trident, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Once the jury makes its decisions after a lot of deliberation, Forbes India takes over the process completely. It is then a rapid countdown to giving flesh and blood to the stories of the winners. These stories are now in your hands. And the winners are…

R Jagannathan
Editor-in-Chief, Forbes India
Twitter id: @TheJaggi

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