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College Vidya: Knowledge About College

College Vidya is enabling information access to students with its unique features like 'suggest me a university' through which students can select suitable universities

Published: Feb 1, 2022 02:04:38 PM IST
Updated: Feb 1, 2022 03:35:14 PM IST

Students or working professionals taking up a new course have various questions in mind. Where would the dream college for them be, what would the fee structure be, is the college approved on national and international level, is it the best in the industry and niche, will it lead them to the right job in future? All these questions remain. When it comes to Distance education and online education, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are bigger matters to look at - Is the college even real, are the degrees valid and verifiable, will the degree hold good in future?

Mayank Gupta, Founder, College Vidya, also came across these storming questions when it was his time to secure a degree from a reputed college. However, he did not find any such portal that would feature all the information about colleges and courses. Undeterred by lack of information in the education space, he went on to create the solution for all these hassles.

College Vidya aims to fill in the gap between prospective students and colleges. In simple words, College Vidya means ‘the knowledge about college’. Mayank’s entrepreneurial journey started after he finished high school education and struggled to choose the right college for higher education.

College Vidya extends a helping hand to students looking for information in the comfort of their homes. The portal has unique features like suggest me a university, where College Vidya would list down the universities suitable to the student and help him/her choose the best. It is helpful and a well thought of feature since students have various queries and inhibitions when it comes to selecting the right university. With specific suggestions from College Vidya, students can sift through the best and finally choose what would suit their preferences.

Keeping in mind that there are many universities providing online education. College Vidya came with another unique feature ‘Compare’. This AI based feature allows students to compare top online universities on the basis of LMS, Fees structure, Approvals possessed, Alumni Connect, Students Rating, brand value of the university and the value of the degree.

Mayank Gupta has built College Vidya as an independent, unbiased education portal that promises only the best. A one-stop solution for all queries and questions related to online and distance universities, College Vidya has been conceived with online and distance education as its priority.

Upon being asked why does College Vidya focus only on Online and Distance education, Mayank opines, “In the future, students and working professionals will be more inclined towards online education rather than the traditional mode of education. College Vidya’s focus on online education can be explained thus.”

“Online and distance education are not new, and they have been in existence for many decades. What it lacked was the recognition of its importance. The global pandemic, which is still a part of our lives, has impacted and boosted the need and demand for online education. With immense demand comes questions, and questions bring in answers,” Mayank adds.  

College Vidya has become a trusted portal regarding educational needs of young students and working professionals.

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