The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Two wheels can add more magic to travels in wondrous locales. Here’s where you could go exploring this year
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jan 8, 2019
The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Image by : Inbound Horizons / Shutterstock

Bali, Indonesia
Escape the tourist-heavy beaches and plush resorts, and take a leisurely ride in Bali’s hilly interior with its Unesco-listed rice terraces. Easily accessed from Ubud, these sleepy villages provide a unique opportunity to experience the pastoral life of the Balinese farmer. A one-track path takes travellers through rice fields, tropical rainforest valleys, and along the river to Sebatu village, renowned for its artisans: Woodcarvers, sculptors, and musicians can be found plying their craft against sweeping views of coconut plantations. One of Bali’s most picturesque landscapes, just north of Ubud, is the rice terraces of Tegalalang, showcasing a masterful use of rich mountain water for cultivation. For a more challenging ride, try the ride up the foothills of Bangli (with its local market full of exotic fruit and spices), leading to Pura Kehen, the second largest temple in Bali.