The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Two wheels can add more magic to travels in wondrous locales. Here’s where you could go exploring this year
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jan 8, 2019
The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Image by : TDway / Shutterstock

High Atlas region, Morocco
For the fun adventure family, what better way to push the boundaries than cycle through the wild Berber heartland of casbahs and oases in the shadow of the High Atlas mountains? With its roots in Africa, but charged with Eastern exoticism, Morocco represents an incredible and truly different destination. From Marrakech, the cycling route takes you to the Ouirgane, a village along red-earth hills and pine forests; and Agafay Desert, a wild, barren landscape of light-hued rocks and green oases; and involves camping in the desert under the shadow of the mountains until the Atlantic coast. Combine it with camel rides, surfing and treasure hunt in souks for a memorable journey.