The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Two wheels can add more magic to travels in wondrous locales. Here’s where you could go exploring this year
Curated By: Madhu Kapparath
Published: Jan 8, 2019
The cycle of life: Places to visit in 2019

Image by : Kevin Standage / Shutterstock

Hadrian’s Cycleway, United Kingdom
It is a wild coast-to-coast ride along the northern boundary of the old Roman Empire, with low hills that don’t rise above 250m. The rich heritage of Cumbria, the rugged beauty of Northumberland and the Roman forts of Birdoswald and Vindolanda en route are vivid lessons in ancient history. We recommend the 135-km coast-to-coast section, from Carlisle to Newcastle, which has the best scenery and is the easiest to get to. Be the first to spot the ‘Blinking Eye’ bridge in Newcastle and get a well-deserved pint of local ale at Corbridge.